Qian Xiang
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Title: Qian Xiang

Chinese Title: 千香 / Qian Xiang

Also Known As: Thousand Fragrances / Qian Xiang Yin / 千香引

Broadcast Network: Youku

Broadcast Date:

Genre: Xianxia, Romance

Director: Ju Jue Liang

Assistant Director: Yang Xiao Bo

Screenwriter: Shao Xiao Yi, Lei Jun

Producer: Xu Fei Qing (许飞青)

Stylist: Zeng Ming Hui, Xia Zhen Bin

Makeup Artist: Jing Dong Ying

Production Company: Youku, H&R Century Pictures

Episodes: 40

Adapted from the novel “Qian Xiang Yin” (千香引) by Shi Si Lang (十四郎)

Qian Xiang Synopsis

A celestial meteor makes time and memory rewind itself, bringing new life to the races of gods and deities, and thus changing the fate of the world. One hundred years later, Xiao Bang Chui, an orphan from Qingqiu, enrolled in the Young Phoenix Academy to study. There, she befriended students from the academy and together they formed a tight bond. While over time the group went their separate ways, only the sly and clever young Lei Xiu Yuan stayed by her side.

Five years later, Xiao Bang Chui, now known as Jiang Li Fei, had transformed into a woman of otherworldly beauty. Such an unheard-of beauty made sophisticated eyes begin to trace her background and history. With the life and death of the young couple, as everyone pursued the secrets of the deities, they entered a foggy maze. At the first meeting of the mountain and sea, the group reunited for the first time, and the mirage sent them into the deepest purgatory with the most beautiful dreams. Can a disciplined man control the power of heaven and earth, and can he control the excitement of his heart?

Qian Xiang Cast

Ju Jing Yi as Jiang Lifei / Xiao Bangchui
Song Wei Long as Lei Xiuyuan
Liu Meng Rui as Baili Ge Lin
Zhao Hua Wei as Ji Tongzhou

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