Review: The Blessed Bride (Sun Yuning, Wen Yuan)

Review: The Blessed Bride (Sun Yuning, Wen Yuan)

My original plan was to peacefully watch The blessed bride and move on to another drama. It turns out I have to write one or two paragraphs about the drama. Shorts dramas are slowly becoming my favorites even though they rarely have a tight story. They usually focus a lot on humor and the main leads’ love story cutting down most subplots. The Blessed Bride is a short drama starring Sun Yuning and Wen Yuan. It’s available on Youku and also on YouTube with English subtitles, let’s get straight to this short review.

First Impressions.

I’m literally marching into the enemy’s territory without proper planning, same mistake … made when she married Ling Qiye. I just jumped in and watched the drama without even reading the synopsis but my mistake is nothing compared to the one Yue Liu Ying made. She was originally sent to marry Ling Qiye and kill him on their wedding night to repay Zhou Han’s kindness. She then decides to switch the poison with knockout drops and heads to the wedding. On their wedding night, both of them had their own arrangements and the only way to survive was to outsmart the other.

Yue Liu Ying flopped because she didn’t even know Ling Qiye’s face or anything helpful besides what Zhou Han told her. That’s like going to a gun fight with a spoon. Yue Liu Ying then came up with different plans to leave the manor since her plan failed and she didn’t even want to get married in the first place but Ling Qiye is always stopping her.

The two eventually began to get close and feelings developed. Short dramas always got straight to the point, which brings me to how the first episode began. They didn’t give any background information about the characters or the clues about the story, they just opened the drama with the last ritual for the wedding night. You have to study the characters yourself and figure out where the story is heading as the continue to watch the drama, which I’m not pleased with.

One factor that contributes to dramas being “dropped”, is letting the viewers think too much as if he is the one who wrote the story. I’m not saying they should just throw everything at us from the go. There’s no detail about the family background, what do they do for a living and why are they one of the richest family. There’s a lot of comedic scenes, I mean A LOT! 90% of the scenes on the first five episodes were nothing but comedic which is sublimally a distraction to take your focus away from the loopholes in the storyline. People are being blinded by love while we are being blinded by comedy.

Full Review.

The story was just ‘there’, nothing exciting about it. I expected the story to improve as it reaches the end but it got bad. It felt like they were rushing to conclude the drama, even then ending was worse. The last episode was all over the place, the segments were incomplete and sounded like I was watching drama highlights or a sneak peek. The plot twist didn’t have the ‘It’ factor, they shouldn’t have wasted their time by adding something they won’t follow up on later.

I don’t really understand the use of English in a drama like this one, there’s nothing to support the reason behind it. It’s not like it’s a republican era or an era where they normally interact with foreigners. I know you will say, ‘there are such dramas with foreigners, Overlord had foreign merchants’. Even though they had foreign merchants, they had an understandable reason to feature them. On the blessed bride, is happened out of nowhere like whose this Albert and how did he get to know Ling Qiye. I do love the use of English but I don’t understand the reason behind it.


For a historical drama, it felt like a comical modern drama. I won’t talk a lot about the cast, they were awesome. The way the characters acted was perfectly suited for a modern day project, something like a domineering CEO and secretary love story. For others it might be different but for me, the only thing that reminded me that I was watching a historical drama was just the costumes. Things might be different if it was some sort of a time travel drama or one of those dramas FL gets sucked into a storybook. They used a lot of sound effects like cow sounds to signal a joke or funny scenes which was a bit annoying for me. I’m usually cool with the sound effects but they overused them in The Blessed Bride. I have been criticizing this drama for a while and you might be wondering if it’s worth your time. With the ratings of 5/10, you can decide whether you watch it or not. It only takes 2 hours and 45 minutes to watch the entire drama, maybe it might be what you have been searching for but I wouldn’t recommend it for someone who doesn’t like seeing people fooling around.

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