Playing House Chinese drama
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Title: Playing House

Chinese Title: 对手过家家 / Dui Shou Guo Jia Jia

Broadcast Network: Tencent

Broadcast Date: 27 March 2024

Genre: Romance, Fantasy

Director: Wang Xue Yu

Screenwriter: Jiao Ling

Episodes: 24

Playing House Synopsis


The story of online editor He Luyan and hotel entrepreneur Qi Lin who time-traveled into a complaint written by He Luyan at the same time. One became an undercover guest room manager and the other became a hotel president. After experiencing battles of wits and betrayal, they walked hand in hand and finally ended up together. A fantasy love story that goes both ways in real life.

Playing House Cast


Tu Zhi Ying as He Luyan
Wen Yuan as Augustine / Qi Lin / Winston
Wang Shuai as Bu Lu Si
Liu Jun as Wang Shi
Tan Jia Tai as Chu Tian
Guo Zhi Qian as Qiu Lu
Wu Hai as Ji Xiao
Qi Yi as Wei Lan
He Yan Chao as Ai Ke Si
Sun Xin Lei as Lu Lixing
Pa Sai as Lu Wenqi
Sun Can as Huo Tingjun
Nuo Mi Na as Bai Zhenzhen


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