Joy Of Life Season 2 Review: Not What I Expected

Joy of life season 2 just premiered last month and I couldn’t watch without leaving a review. It’s been a long time since I wrote my last review, I even forgot how to structure it. Anyways, let’s get straight to the review.

Joy Of Life Season 2 Review
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The story continued from where it left ended in season 1, it looked like it was a continuation episode instead of the beginning of season 2. Season 1 aired in 2019 and it was kinda hard for people to jump on season 2 because they forgot some storylines and even characters. Luckily, WeTV had two special episodes for fans to revisit season 1 before season 2 was broadcast.

For me, I watched season 1 around 2022 so I still remembered most parts of the story but I should’ve watched the special episodes first🤣🤣🤣. I did experience some difficulties catching up with season 2. I forgot the link between some characters but I eventually caught up as the drama continued.

Like I said, the story continued where season 1 ended and Fan Xian’s journey also continued. Obviously they had to change Xiao Zhan and it’s totally understandable. Xiao Zhan is no longer fit to take supporting roles, he’s a MALE LEAD material.

I have to say, everything I say in my reviews is based only on the drama. I don’t read any novels these dramas are adapted from, I only watch dramas so my views might be different. I only share my thoughts based on what I see in a drama.

So, the story right? I still feel like it was dragging. Like, I get that they want to build the suspense about Fan Xian’s life, background, and everything concerning him but they still drag the story. A lot of things happened in those 36 episodes but I’m not satisfied.

If you compare seasons 1 and 2, I see no difference. Except for Fan Xian’s identity reveal, Wu Zhu’s hunt with the Divine temple envy, and the Emperor of Qing’s recent behavior, there’s nothing new to tell. Reason why I watched season 2 is I wanted to know more about Fan Xian’s background and his mother. That’s all I’m interested in, but they kept going on and on with the royal saga. I’m not saying I didn’t enjoy them, I did enjoy every episode. I just didn’t get what I wanted.

Haitan Dou Dou and Fan Xian

Don’t get me wrong on this one, this is just my preference. I don’t have a problem with Wan’Er being with Fan Xian and I love the fact that they hardly have misunderstandings. Despite all the good stuff to say about them, Haitan Dou Dou and Fan Xian have the best chemistry.

Joy Of Life Season 2 Ending

Once again, it leaves you with a cliffhanger creating an opening for season 3. I wonder if season 3 is the last one or if there will be a fourth season. It seems like they just want to play around with the royal saga and every character who meets Fan Xian talks about his mother but barely goes into detail. I mean, during those 36 episodes of season 2 they could’ve given us something about Fan Xian’s mother and the divine temple. I enjoy this drama but if season 3 isn’t going to give me the answers I need… I won’t watch the fourth season or I might watch it because I want answers😁😁😁. I won’t be writing any conclusion on this review because the story itself isn’t concluded.

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