The Revenge of Begonia

The Revenge of Begonia Chinese drama
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Title: The Revenge of Begonia

Chinese Title: 风月无边 / Feng Yue Wu Bian

Also known As: 胭脂一抹醉红颜 / Yan Zhi Yi Mo Zui Hong Yan Yān

Broadcast Network: Tencent

Broadcast Date: 26 April 2024

Genre: Romance, Republican

Director: Zhang Ao

Screenwriter: Yao Yao, Yan Pei

Production Company: All Family Star

Episode: 24

The Revenge of Begonia Synopsis

Yuncheng’s famous actress Yang Aning (played by Hong Xiao) goes to great lengths to avenge her senior brother and commits herself to He Xingzhou (played by Yan Zixian), the son of a warlord. She carefully lays a trap and uses him to get closer to the center of power step by step, and slowly get closer to the truth. But little did he know that his heart had already fallen in this step-by-step plan.

The cold-faced young commander He Xingzhou was called the Yama of Yuncheng, and he must be punished because he saw through the darkness and corruption in the world. Everyone thought that he accepted this little actor who came to his door in order to take revenge on Bai Yueguang, who had betrayed him. Who knew that she was the only light that could shine into the cold heart of He Xingzhou… Despite the wind and rain, Haitang remained the same, The two smart people who had exhausted all their traps could not escape the relationship and fell into sadistic love

The Revenge of Begonia Cast

Hong Xiao as Yang Anning
Yan Zi Xian as He Xingzhou

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