Meet With Two Souls

Meet With Two Souls Chinese drama
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Title: Meet With Two Souls

Chinese Title: 再遇两个他 / Zai Yu Liang Ge Ta

Broadcast Network: Tencent

Broadcast Date: 23 March 2023

Genre: Romance

Director: He Dan

Screenwriter: Luo Shen

Producer: Xiang Pei Lin

Episodes: 20

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Meet With Two Souls Synopsis

The naive and innocent wealthy young lady, Luo Xuan, discovered that her perfect husband, Yan Zhi Jing, had betrayed her and even wanted to take over her family’s inheritance.

She chose to join forces with her childhood friend, Min Xi, to eliminate the enemy and expose the conspiracy between Yan Zhi Jing and his mistress, Bai Jia Jia.

Meet With Two Souls Cast

Gan Wang Xing as Yan Zhijing (voiced by Sun Rui Yang)
Xie Kai Qi as young Yan Zhijing
Xu Zi Yin as Luo Xuan (voiced by Shui Mu)
Qian Fei Fei as young Luo Xuan
Lai Xi Long as Min Xi (voiced by He Zhan)
Du Zong Yang as young Min Xi
Lin Chen Yi as Bai Jiajia
Xiao Wen Yu as Lin Yuan (voiced by Wang Ning)
Zhang Ting Rui as Lin An (voiced by Qing Xiao Mo)
Shi Rui Yi as Shen Yinhe
Wu Ye as Grandma Yan
Qin Yao Hua as Luo Tianheng
Chen Tai Mu Long as Uncle Zhang
Yang Chang Jin as Uncle Zhao
Yu Shan Chuan as Uncle Quan
Zeng Bin Feng as Uncle Jin
Yin Zi Heng as A Qi
Mo Cai Lin as Mother Bai
Zhang Shan as Jiang Yu’er
Long Shuai as Lawyer Zhang

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