Embrace U Through Galaxy

Embrace U Through Galaxy Chinese drama
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Title: Embrace U Through Galaxy

Chinese Title: 灿若星河 / Can Ruo Xing He

Broadcast Network: Sohu TV

Broadcast Date: 12 March 2024

Genre: Romance, Fantasy

Director: Gan Mu Xuan, Mo Li Si

Episodes: 20

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Embrace U Through Galaxy Synopsis

Li Xinghe, a business whiz, is like a solitary cat residing in a mansion, sensitive, vigilant, and distant from others. Suffering from a mental disorder, he tends to seek solace in the shadows, nursing his wounds alone. Until one day, a woman named Su Xiaocan enters his life.

A sleep experiment takes them on a journey to an enchanting dreamland where identity and status dissolve, leaving only the fervor and splendor of youth. Gradually, they let down their guards and get closer. Her warm and strong hands guide him to shake off the mental shackles step by step. Back to the enduring darkness of reality, they become each other’s exclusive beacon of light. With blooming love in their hearts, every day thereafter is full of contentment and sweetness.

Embrace U Through Galaxy Cast

Zhang Li Ren as Li Xinghe
Liu Yi Zi as Su Xiaocan

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