Moon Full West Tower

Moon Full West Tower Chinese drama
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Title: Moon Full West Tower

Chinese Title: 月满西楼 / Yue Man Xi Lou

Broadcast Network: Kuaishou

Broadcast Date: 09 March 2024

Genre: Republican, GL

Director: Xiao Xiao

Screenwriter: Xiao Xiao

Producer: Liu Shuai, Yang Yi Mo

Production Company: Shi Er Sheng Xiao (十二升肖)

Episodes: 25

Moon Full West Tower Synopsis

To assassinate the warlord Jiang Ao, the down-and-out daughter Tingyue deliberately approached the warlord Jiang Huaifeng, pretending to work for Jiang Ao, but found that the warlord turned out to be Jiang Yin, the adopted daughter of Jiang Huaifeng’s sister Jiang Ao. Lou Tingyue pretended to be a well-behaved and cute little white rabbit to gain Jiang Yin’s trust, but in fact, he betrayed Jiang Yin without hesitation. But how could this extremely powerful fake warlord allow this black-hearted little rabbit to play with her like this? Jiang Ao also gradually discovered something fishy, ​​and the three of them were intrigued by each other. (translated)

Moon Full West Tower Cast

Yang Yi Mo as Liu Qingqing / Jiang Yin
Mao Xia Xiao Ka as Lou Xinyue

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