Mei Fu You Nv Chu Zhang Cheng

Mei Fu You Nv Chu Zhang Cheng Chinese drama
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Title: A Girl In The Mei Mansion Becomes A Concubine {Translated}

Chinese Title: 梅府有女初长成 / Mei Fu You Nv Chu Zhang Cheng

Broadcast Network: Tencent

Broadcast Date: 07 November 2023

Genre: Historical, Romance

Director: Wu Shuang

Episodes: 24

Mei Fu You Nv Chu Zhang Cheng Synopsis

The modern girl Ding Yimei accidentally traveled to the ancient desert country and became the frail and sickly daughter Mei Kaishao. After experiencing several dangers after time travel, she realized that someone had done it deliberately. Kaishao worked hard to grow up and reverse her fate, and secretly fell in love with the third prince Murong Hanbing. From the initial misunderstanding to knowing each other and falling in love, they finally became human beings. The enviable couple of gods and goddesses.

Mei Fu You Nv Chu Zhang Cheng Cast

Qiu Jia Qi as Mei Kaishao
Huang He as Murong Han Bing
Cui Yu Tong as Yan Ru
Lu Wen Fei as Nie Changyun
Ye Xin Yu as Mei Xuan
Li Yu Su as Zhang Shi
Li Jia Fan as An Ying

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