Love At Second Glance

Love At Second Glance Chinese drama
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Title: Love At Second Glance

Chinese Title: 一见不钟情 / Yi Jian Bu Zhong Qing

Broadcast Network: Youku

Broadcast Date: 31 March 2024

Genre: Romance

Director: Xia Meng

Episodes: 24

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Love At Second Glance Synopsis

The story of the female protagonist Zhong Qing, who in order to stand out in the “workplace survival battle”, spares no effort or cost to “only talk about money”. But one day, there was a sudden incident, and Zhong Qing’s position as director disappeared instantly, only adding a special skill that could see everyne’s balance. The new director, Bu Yi, saw the new official take office, and this pair of happy enemies went from strained relationship to the sparks of love sparkdeed by friection and finally felt the true meaning of life.

Love At Second Glance Cast

Chen Jing Yi as Zhong Qing
Cao Jing Hao as Bu Yijian
Zhu Tian Tian as Lan Lan
Qin Jia Lin as Ruan Yumeng

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