Dragon Hunting King Chinese Movie
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Title: Dragon Hunting King

Chinese Title: 猎龙王 / Lie Long Wang

Release Daate: 03 January 2024

Genres: Action, Adventure, Thriller

Director: Dai Yi Lin

Duration: 1 hr. 20 min

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Dragon Hunting King Synopsis

During the Republican era, a timeless enigmatic figure named Chai Hu emerged in Qian Deng Town, rumoured to house a dragon within him. When journalist Wei Yu Tong captured a photo of this extraordinary person, it piqued the interest of her father, Wei Yi Shan, a biologist. Leading a team to Qian Deng Town, Wei Yi Shan discovers Chai Hu, who appears mentally challenged. Using Chai Hu’s wife as leverage, they coerce him into leading the team to the legendary Eight Hundred Mountains, where the dragon is said to reside. Amidst perilous challenges in the mountains, an adventure to find the dragon unfolds.

Dragon Hunting King Cast

Main Roles

Steven Liu as Bupleurum
Chunyu Shan Shan as Wei Yi Shan
Jin Yanna as Wei Yu Tong

Supporting Roles

Yu Xin Yan as Butterfly
Zhong Wei Hua as Master shaman
Zhou Jie as Zhu Li
Tang Xin as Yu You Li / “Fatty”
Tan Li Min as Zhi Ya
Zhou Hang as Mu Han

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