Treasures Around

Treasures Around Chinese drama
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Title: Treasures Around

Chinese Title: 珠玉在侧 / Zhu Yu Zai Ce

Broadcast Network:

Broadcast Date: 28 June 2024

Genre: Historical, Romance

Director: Yang Ming Yuan

Production Company: Perfect World Pictures

Episodes: 24

Treasures Around Synopsis

The story of Shan Dandan, an eccentric “businessman” who wants to become a jade recommender, and Pei Shi, a playboy and second-generation jade merchant who does not do his job properly. The two help each other, grow together, heal each other in the process of “fighting wits and courage”, “falling in love and killing each other” and “leveling up and fighting monsters”, and finally realize the pursuit of a career and gain sweet love.

Treasures Around Cast

Xu Lu as Dan Dandan
Bi Wen Jun as Pei Shi
Dai Chao as Su Jue
Li Meng Meng as Dan Shuangshuang
Ma Rui as Mother Pei
Zhu Jian as Si Ruyu
Geng Yi Zheng as Wang Jiu

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