The Substitute Princess’s Love

The Substitute Princess's Love Chinese drama
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Title: The Substitute Princess’s Love

Chinese Title: 偷得将军半日闲 / Tou De Jiang Jun Ban Ri Xian

Broadcast Network: iQiyi

Broadcast Date: 26 April 2024

Genre: Historical, Romance, Comedy

Director: Shi Liang

Screenwriter: Ke Yi Tong

Producer: Luo Jian Wei

Production Company: iQiyi, Blue Media, Mei Lin Culture

Episodes: 24

The Substitute Princess’s Love Synopsis

The story of Wen Ye, the cold-faced God of War, who suspects that Shen Kezhen is the only weak point in his world. Wen Ye, the prestigious War God general, is a man of steel, his mother having passed away when he was a child where he then spent his youth on the battlefield. He is decisive in appearance, difficult to get close to, but in his heart, he longs for love and warmth. Shen Kewen, an illegitimate daughter of Shen Xiang, is mistakenly married into the palace. She looks simple and cute, but in fact she is bold and tough inside.

The Substitute Princess’s Love Cast

Dylan Kuo as Wen Ye
Zhang Miao Yi as Shen Keai
Ren Yun Jie as Zhou Yu
Liu Zhi Wei as Zuo Shuangzhi
Song Mu Xin as Yun Ying
Liu Shu Yuan as Wan
Wu Yi Jia as Nan Bo

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