Eterna Brotherhood Review

This review of Eternal Brotherhood starring Yang Xu Wen, Liu Yu Ning, Zhang Ming En, Li Mo Zhi, and Cai Zhuo Yin is the weirdest review I’ve ever written. Anyway, here it goes…

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Eterna Brotherhood Review

The storyline isn’t that inviting, let’s just be honest here. Maybe it’s because I expected more from the drama. I did understand the story and everything that was happening but there was nothing epic about it. Sometimes it felt like I was watching a random film with zero build-up. There were times I even played with my phone while watching this drama and wasn’t bothered. I mean, there’s nothing big going on and it wasn’t going to be there. When you add this and the fact that I slept twice when watching episode 1, it says a lot.

I wanted to stop watching but I already downloaded all the episodes so I kept watching and this led to this weird review. So here’s the thing. The story of the rebellion wasn’t that interesting but it was better than everything that followed. I won’t claim to have watched every second of the drama, I fast-forwarded most scenes starting from episode 18 till the end but something happened at the end. Things somehow got interesting in episodes 23 and 24.

I’ve always wondered what was the writer’s plans with the guy with the red eyes who is super fast. Yea, I know who he is but for the sake of not spoiling I’ll act as if I don’t. So this guy with red eyes kinda disappeared from the storyline and no one cared about it. There’s no background of the powers, nothing. Luckily he came back around episodes 23 and 24, and his return also introduced the Black Veil as someone who sort of poses a threat to the guy with red eyes. This caught my attention and there’s a chance that I might watch the second season if it comes. If it wasn’t for that, I wouldn’t consider watching the second season.

Like I said, this is a weird review because I didn’t like the drama but the ending caught my attention. Does it make sense? It’s the first time I have experienced this. This drama wasn’t all that bad, I enjoyed the story of Si Yiling and Ka Dan. I don’t remember fast-forwarding their scenes. They had the best chemistry. This couple was ten times better than Zichuan Xiu and Lady Ning. Xiu and Ning bored the hell out of me, to be honest. Their scenes were long and kind of unnecessary. They spent the first 10 episodes wasting time by showing Ning and Xiu playing hide and seek. Maybe it’s just me hating on this kind of couple but again, it’s only my opinion.

What I also loved and the drama was the bro romance between Di Li, Si Yiling, and Zichuan Xiu. These three have different personalities but they’re dangerous when you combine them. They also would do anything to protect one another. I also loved the dark theme in the drama. Not to forget behind-the-scenes shots at the end of each episode. It’s funny how some of them were more entertaining than the original scenes in the episode.

Liu Yuning Never Disappoints

Let’s talk about Liu Yuning since he’s the one I’m more familiar with. I have watched most of his historical/costume dramas and this is the first time I somehow dislike his projects. He played his character well, and had one of the best attires but the story happened. I love his character, I mean who wouldn’t? Liu Yuning is good at playing these heartless characters. Remember how he played Hao Du in The Long Ballad? He was heartless and strict.

Eterna Brotherhood Review

He also played his Ning Yuanzhou character in A Journey To Love. In Eternal Brotherhood he shows a darker side and a soft side. Outsiders see his darkest side, his evil side, he doesn’t mind taking anyone down. His wife and two sworn brothers are the only ones who get to see his soft side. He doesn’t care about anyone except these three.

Eternal Brotherhood Ending

As for the ending of Eternal Brotherhood, it’s a cliffhanger ending. There might be a second season and it is on the way, I hope it doesn’t disappoint. Do I recommend Eternal Brotherhood? It’s a 50/50, how about you watch and see how far you can go with it? Best quote from the drama “I am the third idiot”.

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