Biography of Meng Po Movie
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Title: Biography of Meng Po

Chinese Title: 孟婆传之缘起 / Meng Po Zhuan Zhi Yuan Qi

Release Date: 25 February 2024

Genres: Action, Romance, Fantasy

Director: Dai Yi Lin

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Biography of Meng Po Synopsis

In a time before Meng Qing became Meng Po, the Goddess of Oblivion, and Qing Heng became Yue Lao, the God of Matchmaking, the couple from different worlds was forcefully torn apart by divine punishment.

Meng Qing perished, carrying with her the remnants of Qing Heng’s soul, and descended into the realm of the dead – City of Delusion. In the perilous and enigmatic city, Meng Qing exhausts every effort trying to restore Qing Heng’s broken soul, only to find that her long-awaited beloved is still alive. Determined to uncover the truth of their past and reunite with her beloved, Meng Qing breaks free from the city and bravely presses onward.

But what lies ahead is only the harsh reality. Love, friendship, revenge, forgiveness, growth, and acceptance – how will Meng Qing decide?

Biography of Meng Po Cast

Main Roles

Feng Li Jun as Qing Heng
He Hua as Meng Qing

Supporting Roles

Shang Tie Long as “Veteran”
Li Cai Hua as Ming Wang
Deng Xian Yu as [Judge]

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