Kuaguzhou Hutong

Kuaguzhou Hutong Chinese drama
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Title: Kuaguzhou Hutong

Chinese Title: 多大点事儿 / Duo Da Dian Shi Er

Broadcast Network: Tencent

Broadcast Date:

Genre: Comedy, Drama

Director: Chang Meng, Li Wei

Screenwriter: Gao Yu Long

Producer: Liang Jing, Li Li Ming

Executive Producer: Guan Hu

Production Company: Tencent Video, The Seventh Art Pictures

Episodes: 30

Kuaguzhou Hutong Synopsis

In the mid-1980s, Wang Xiaoqing and Du Mantang were childhood sweethearts, but Zhang Zezhong took advantage of Wang Xiaoqing’s mother’s objections. However, Zhang Zezhong married the daughter of the vice-principal’s family for the sake of his future, and Du Mantang came together with Wang Xiaoqing. Zhang Zezhong, who clings to powerful people, is despised by his wife and family.

He has been unsuccessful in his career and plans to start a business in the South. Without start-up capital, he can only sell his house. To raise the house price, he fabricated a rumor that there was a treasure buried under the house. The soaring house price made him lose his mind and start digging for the treasure. As a result, his house almost collapsed and he left lonely. Thirty years later, Du Mantang and Zhang Zezhong were both alley housekeepers.

Zhang Zezhong planned to profit from the decommercialization of the alley, but Du Mantang tried his best to block it. So Zhang Zezhong focused on Taibeile’s courtyard house and occupied the magpie’s nest in the name of a joint company. Under the leadership of Du Mantang, Wang Xiaoqing, and others, all the residents worked together, and Zhang Zezhong was eventually imprisoned.

Zhang Zezhong’s daughter Zhang Ting begged in every possible way, crying that her father was amassing money crazily to prevent her mother from immigrating with her. Everyone chose forgiveness, but Zhang Zezhong was still sentenced to three years’ probation and five years’ probation. When Zhang Zezhong returned home, he sincerely apologized and was forgiven by his neighbors.

Kuaguzhou Hutong Cast

He Bing as Du Mantang
Zhu Yuan Yuan as Wang Xiaoqing
Yu Qian as Zhang Zezhong
Xu Yue as Du Li
Sheng Guan Sen as Zhang Youting
Qi Hang as Xiao Ding
Xie Xin as Chen Yiyi

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