Hello There

Hello There Chinese drama
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Title: Hello There

Chinese Title: 公子贵姓 / Gong Zi Gui Xing

Broadcast Network: iQiyi

Broadcast Date: 31 January 2023

Genre: Historical, Romance

Director: Wang Qi Heng

Screenwriter: Liang Hong Yu

Episodes: 20

Hello There Synopsis

The story of Tang Buyan, the eccentric head of the Tang Sect, and Li Chengqi, the cold-faced and ascetic head of Xuanqi Mountain. Embark on a hilarious journey to find the “destined one”, grow and gain love along the way, and join forces to upgrade the story of “fighting monsters”

Hello There Cast

Jin Wen Xin as Tang Buyan
Yu Wei Ni as Tang Buyan (young)
Meng En as Li Chengqi
Xu Wei Luo as Li Cheng Qi (young)
Wu Cheng Ze as Yun Gaixue
Zai Wei Hang as Yun Gai Xue (young)
Cai Xiang Yu as Shen Yi
Chen Si Jia as Shen Yi (young)
Pan Lu Yu as Yan Ran
Chen Ming Hao as Li Jian
Zhou Ge Ge as Li Jian (young)
Wang Can as Xiao Ba
Zhang Lei as Da Zhuang
Cui Ling Ling as Lan Ying
Xi Yong as Da Zhi
Wu Hao as Da Ba
Yang Hui as Xiao Ba
Ye Shu Yu as Ruo Yu
Yang Qing as Shen Qing Zhu
Wang Zhong Wei as Jin Ba Dou
Wang Zhen Yu as one-eye puppet
Wu Zai Dong as Chang Feng
Fang Jia Liang as Wang Di
Liu Ya Peng as Li Cheng Tian
Yue Dong Feng as Da Ming
Wang Guo Hua as Tang Si Shi (old)
Zhang Yin Long as Tang Si Shi (young)
Yang Bin as Tang Zhong Li

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