Fei Yang De Qing Chun

Fei Yang De Qing Chun Chinese drama
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Title: Fei Yang De Qing Chun

Chinese Title: 飞扬的青春 / Fei Yang De Qing Chun

Broadcast Network: Youku

Broadcast Date: 17 February 2024

Genre: Rural

Director: Zhang Jun

Screenwriter: Zhang Jun

Episodes: 24

Fei Yang De Qing Chun Synopsis

This drama tells the story of young college students in Jinshi Town, a small town in southern China, who return to their hometown to start a business. The male protagonist Cao Feiyang is a famous college student in the town who was admitted to the provincial capital. The government called him to return to his hometown to start a business and devote himself to the development of agricultural tourism in his hometown. But when he left, his girlfriend Mo Qingchun, whom he fell in love with in college, was left behind.

After the breakup, he immersed himself in the tourism development plan of his hometown and held a two-day investment promotion meeting, inviting a group of well-known entrepreneurs from far and near to participate. Just when he was about to start a big fight, Dongxi Village caused a big mess for the project in terms of tourist reception. Lin Yinuo, the “little bully” in the East Village, Cai Yiming, the “talker” in the West Village, plus Xu Chenchen, the “weird man”, Zeng Meili, the “little fat girl”, Mr. Lin, the “turtle fairy”, etc., compete for tourists in various ways. , caused a farce that was both ridiculous and ridiculous.

The heroine Mo Qingchun also came to the town, happened to be involved in the “adventures” of the tour group, and also experienced the charm and enthusiasm of the countryside. With the support of Cao Feiyang and Mo Qingchun, problems were solved one by one, and eventually the eighteen villages in the town were fully united to create a golden business card for rural revitalization and common prosperity. In order to thank Cao Feiyang for his hard work, Lin Yinuo, Cai Yiming, Xu Chenchen, Zeng Meili, and even Cao’s mother, Mr. Lin and other villagers helped them get back together and created the most heartwarming romantic proposal night with lanterns.

Fei Yang De Qing Chun Cast

Zhang Meng Lu as Mo Qingchun
Xia Chen Yi as Cao Feiyang
Tao Hui Min as Chen Meifeng
Yang Hou Xiang as Xie Zhenye
Chen Yi Nuo as Lin Yinuo
Xiang Nan as Cai Yiming

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