Enforcement Department

Enforcement Department Chinese drama
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Title: Enforcement Department

Chinese Title: 执行局 / Zhi Xing Ju

Broadcast Network: Youku

Broadcast Date: 27 June 2024

Genre: Legal

Director: An Jian

Producer: Wang Wen Yu, Duan Rui, Hu Ke, Wang Hao

Executive Producer: Xie Ying

Presenter: Meng Jun, Mu Xiao Sui

Production Company: Youku, Perfect World Pictures, Alibaba Pictures

Episodes: 40

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Enforcement Department Synopsis

Qi Lin is a judge of the Qinggang Intermediate Court. He was transferred from the Criminal Court to the Enforcement Bureau by accident. His leader is Chu Yun who had been prejudiced against him due to work misunderstandings.

At first, Qi Lin did not cooperate well with the team. However, after experiencing the “luxury car hit-and-run case”, “divorce house vacation case”, “shared bicycle deposit case”, “college student naked loan case”, “ten thousand tons of grain enforcement case” and other work tempered, Qi Lin has become more and more interested in enforcement.

He gained a profound understanding of the “emotion, reason, and law” in the novel, and gradually developed a love for Chu Yun. The Qinggang Intermediate People’s Court handed over the difficult problem of developing the Global International Center, a key municipal project, the “Changsheng Village vacation case” to Chu Yun’s team.

Behind the scenes, there is a conspiracy: the developer Chen Qilun ​​illegally occupied several houses in the village, and forcibly vacated them by corrupting the mayor’s secretary, coercing the vice president of the court, etc., to achieve the goal. He quickly developed commercial purposes.

Qi Lin noticed all this, and no matter what methods Chen Qilun used, he did not stop Qi Lin’s investigation. In the end, Chen Qilun died under gunfire when he kidnapped Chu Yun. Other criminals were sanctioned by party discipline and national law, and the demolition of Changsheng Village was also resolved

Enforcement Department Cast

Luo Jin as Qi Tao
Yang Zi Shan as Chu Yun
Zhang Xi Lin as Chen Qilun
Ding Jia Li as Huang Chunxiang
Sa Ri Na as Qi Runyu
Dong Xuan as Yan Di
Wang Tong Hui as Ma Wenjun
Fang Zi Bin as Zhou Lei
Zhao Jun as Fang Dacheng
Jill Hsu as Qin Hong
Zhao Ke as Dai Lan
Lin Jia Chuan as Zhang Rui
Yin Xiao Tian as Simon
Sun Jian as Mu Zifeng
Li Wen Ling as Li Guizhi
Fu Miao as Shen Ting
Huo Qing as Liu Chuan
Zhang Xi Qian as Miao Shuangqing
Ren Luo Min as Zhao Zhengde
Wang Qian Guo as Ouyang Lu Lu
Ma Hao as Ye Xuan
Du Shuang Yu as Yan Anyang
He Shan Kai as Zhang Tianyi
Bai Liu Yan as Tian Jia
Ran Xu as Shao Jun

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