Darkness But Your Voice

Darkness But Your Voice Chinese drama
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Title: Darkness But Your Voice

Chinese Title: 生息 / Sheng Xi

Broadcast Network: Netflix, Youtube

Broadcast Date:

Genre: Romance, suspense

Director: Wang Hong Bo

Producer: Ma Han Yi

Adapted from the novel Sheng Xi (声息) by Xia Ming You

Episodes: 24

Darkness But Your Voice Synopsis

A fire, a plane crash, and a well-planned conspiracy many years ago caused the girl to lose her relatives, her inheritance, and her appearance. To survive and avenge the person she loved most, she did not hesitate to bury her past self, undergo plastic surgery, and change her name to Ji Mingying.

But the person who loves you most can eliminate all interference and recognize you only by your voice. I met you, fell in love with you, let you go, and came back to you. In the blink of an eye, everything was gone. Ten years have passed, but when I look back, I still seem to see you. No matter how the world changes, I feel happy if you are still there. (Translated)

Darkness But Your Voice Cast

Liu Hai Kuan as Ling Haoxuan
Xu Jia Qi as Baili Lian Zai
Ma Han Yi as Ji Mingying
Xu He Ni as Li Chengze
Meng Zi Hao as Xuanyuan Zhe
Tang Jian Rou as Zhu Liye

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