Chao Neng Zuo Ban Zu

Chao Neng Zuo Ban Zu Chinese drama
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Title: Chao Neng Zuo Ban Zu

Chinese Title: 超能坐班族 / Chao Neng Zuo Ban Zu

Broadcast Network: Kuaishou

Broadcast Date: 28 January 2024

Genre: Morden

Director: Peng Chen

Screenwriter: Sun Hao Yu

Episodes: 18

Chao Neng Zuo Ban Zu Synopsis

Man Yue works as a customer service officer for a superpower manufacturer in the workplace. She is suddenly appointed as the leader of the copyright department. Two subordinates, Liu Xing and Chen Shankou, have the most powerful skills in the workplace.

Practical superpowers: “dog-licking” and “no shame”. The three people were ostracized in this unpopular department. Just when they thought they were about to be fired, they received a “no-layoff gold medal” from their boss, allowing them to do whatever they wanted in the company without being punished. While three migrant workers are enjoying workplace privileges they have never experienced before, a conspiracy centered on them is unfolding.

Chao Neng Zuo Ban Zu Cast

Guo Xiao Ting as Man Yue
Yin Zheng as Liu Xing
Yi Yun He as Chen Shankou / Bai Lan Wang

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