Bing Zi Feng Zhong Lai

Bing Zi Feng Zhong Lai Chinese drama
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Title: Bing Zi Feng Zhong Lai

Chinese Title: 兵自风中来 / Bing Zi Feng Zhong Lai

Broadcast Network: iQiyi, Tencent

Broadcast Date: TBA

Genre: Military

Producer: Ji Dao Qing

Production Company: Jetsen Culture

Episodes: 30

Bing Zi Feng Zhong Lai Synopsis

Xu Lingjun, who had just been promoted from the chief of the group army’s training department to the commander of the 396th Hessian Brigade, had his old battalion commander Liang Beihua, the deputy commander of the theater army, personally come to step up his responsibilities and ask him to lead the entire brigade to complete the pilot tasks of the army’s transformation.

Liang Beihua recalled the old battalion commander who personally experienced the major disarmament in 1985, while Xu Lingjun still remembered that during the transformation of military construction in 1998, the old company commander who ranked first in the division’s competition retired from active service because he could not adapt to the new equipment.

This Army transformation pilot must target the needs of the new era and create a first-class standard and new-quality Army. The task is arduous. Guo Zijian, commander of the 1st Battalion of the 396th Brigade, is waiting to be transferred to another job due to a drill accident. Xu Lingjun carefully examined the accident process and boldly appointed Guo Zijian. In the subsequent transformation and construction, Guo Zijian lived up to his high expectations.

In a sudden strong cross-theater confrontation, the 396th Brigade suddenly came to the 396th Brigade. The opponent Blue Army Brigade had never been defeated. During the confrontation, Xu Lingjun still suffered heavy losses despite his superb command. However, he kept Guo Zijian’s camp intact. In the end, Guo Zijian used the new troops of the combined battalion and frequently made clever moves to complete the “decapitation” of the Blue Army that determined the outcome of the battle

Bing Zi Feng Zhong Lai Cast

Ou Hao as Guo Zijian
Xie Xin as Hong Xiafei

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