12 Romance Chinese Drama To Watch This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day is here and I know that you are looking for a Romantic Chinese Drama to binge watch with your partner or… alone just like me :). Worry not because I’ll recommend 12 Romance Chinese Drama To Watch This Valentine’s Day.

12 Romance Chinese Drama To Watch This Valentine's Day

Amidst A Snowstorm Of Love

Amidst a Snowstorm of Love

Former genius professional snooker player Lin Yiyang and popular nine-ball player Yin Guo met on a blizzard night that was rare in ten years. With the help of Yin Guo’s cousin, the two gradually became familiar with each other, and Yin Guo also learned about Lin Yiyang’s past.

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My Boss

My Boss Chinese drama

Cheng Yao, who dreamt of becoming a lawyer, was recruited by a top law firm. Hence, she decides to move to an apartment closer to her workplace. However, Cheng Yao did not expect to have a housemate, whom she could not get along with.

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Intrigue And Love

Intrigue And Love Chinese drama

Li Xi Feng, who entered the palace seeking revenge for her father, was unexpectedly chosen to become a princess and sent to the Tujue to gather military intelligence. Li Xi Feng initially intended to use the power of Khan Ji Lie to avenge her father, but she discovered that Ji Lie’s reason for seeking the marriage alliance was because his elder brother had become a hostage in the Tang Dynasty, and marrying her was just a means to manipulate the Emperor of Tang Dynasty.

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My Special Girl

My Special Girl Chinese drama

The story is about AI engineer Gu Jiu Li, who founded Jiuqian Technology Company, that dedicated to the development of companion robots. Hao Jing, a senior in a preschool education major, likes to sing, but because of her mother’s objection, she can only secretly become a live broadcast singer blogger at night.

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Only Love You

Only Love You Chinese drama

The love story of Jinse, a saint of the fox tribe, and Gu Yunshen, a cold-faced general, who meets and falls in love, breaks worldly boundaries and finally gets married. The two met when they were young, but they separated due to a misunderstanding. Later, when Jinse…

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Only For Love

Only For Love Chinese drama

Zheng Shuyi, a reporter who excels at her job and is determined to land a front page story, has tried very hard to earn an exclusive interview with top financial executive Shi Yan. Their love story then blossoms due to a mistake.

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Hidden Marriage

Hidden Marriage Chinese drama

Ning Xi, who was supposed to be holding the script of a wealthy family, was accidentally robbed of her fiancé by her sister. Ning Xi suffered severe physical and mental injuries and fled abroad. After returning to China five years later, she decided to venture into the entertainment industry. Unexpectedly, she met the beauty boss Lu Tingxiao. Not only did this boss ask Ning Xi to marry him when they first met, but he also brought a cute baby to his door and begged to live with him. Ning Xi didn’t…

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Love Of Replica

Love Of Replica Chinese drama

The eldest daughter of a rich family, Xu Xi Xi wakes up from a coma and realizes she has lost her memory. She falls in love with her bodyguard Lu Jin Yan at first sight. She learns from Ding Bei Fan that she is not really Xu Xi Xi, but in fact she is An Yue, someone who looks the same as Xi Xi. An Yue discovers more amazing secrets in the process of investigating the truth, while Lu Jin Yan, as a bodyguard, also has a hidden agenda.

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Attacking Lady

Attacking Lady Chinese drama

Jewelry designer Bai Jinse stumbles upon the painful revelation that her fiancé, Zheng Huaichen, has cheated on her with her younger sister, Bai Linlin. Fueled by the desire for justice, Bai Jinse embarks on a mission to gather evidence against the deceitful scumbag. Along this challenging journey, she unexpectedly crosses paths with Mo Sinian, the CEO who, too, has fallen victim to betrayal by his own fiancée.

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The Last Princess

The Last Princess

Set in the republican period, it tells the story of a girl from a befallen wealthy family; and a young master from a prestigious family.

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Taking Love As A Contract

Taking Love As A Contract Chinese drama

In a desperate move to safeguard her grandmother’s home, small actress Xia Tian assumes the identity of the He family’s daughter, masquerading as a “princess.” Her mission is to aid the wealthy adopted son, Ji Chengxuan, in gaining acceptance from the He family.

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The Love You Give Me

The Love You Give Me Chinese drama

Min Hui accidentally met and fell in love with Xin Qi, but they ended up parting ways because of a misunderstanding. Years later, Min Hui and Xin Qi reunited, and fell for each other again. Both sweet and heart-tormenting stories happened between them in life and work.

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That’s it for this list of romantic Chinese to watch this Valentine’s day. All I can say now is… HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY.

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