Snowy Night · Timeless Love

Snowy Night · Timeless Love Chinese drama
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Title: Snowy Night · Timeless Love

Chinese Title: 七夜雪 / Qi Ye Xue

Broadcast Network: iQiyi

Broadcast Date:

Genre: Wuxia, Romance

Director: Liang Sheng Quan, Ren Hai Tao

Producer: Jiang Lu Yan, Yang Bei, Su Li, Wang Xiao Yan

Executive Producer: Lin Ye

Presenter: Zhao Yi Fang, Fu Bin Xing

Stylist: Zhang Shi Jie

Art Director: Chen Hao Zhong

Action Director: Li Bing Nan

Production Company: iQiyi, Croton Media

Episodes: 36

Snowy Night · Timeless Love Synopsis

It tells the story of Xue Ziye, the master of the Medicine Valley; and Huo Zhanbai, a talented and unruly swordsman who was originally a disciple of the Tianshan Sect. Huo Zhanbai seeks medicine for his friend’s son and meets Xue Ziye. They gradually fell in love with each other after years of ups and downs.

The two people with their own obsessions went from competing against each other to becoming close friends. However, due to the responsibilities they each shouldered, they could not express their love. In the end, they were separated forever.

Huo Zhanbai finally agreed to serve as the new Pavilion Master of Dingjian Pavilion at the repeated request of the old Pavilion Master Nangong Mo. It’s snowing in the evening, and I can’t help but drink a cup. The person he was drinking with has passed away, and Huo Zhanbai will eventually walk alone on this long road of rivers and lakes.

Snowy Night · Timeless Love Cast

Li Qin as Xue Ziye
Zeng Shun Xi as Huo Zhanbai
Wang Hong Yi as Miao Feng
Zeng Ke Ni as Miao Shui
Chen Hao Sen as Tong

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