9 Contract Marriage Dramas To Watch In 2024

Now let’s talk about contract marriage Chinese dramas you can watch this year. In our previous drama recommendations, we talked about arranged marriage Chinese dramas which were Republican, Historical / Fantasy Chinese dramas. This list of contract marriage Chinese dramas is for Republican and Modern dramas, it’s just my own sorting, let’s dive into the list.

Attacking Lady

Attacking Lady Chinese drama

Jewelry designer Bai Jinse stumbles upon the painful revelation that her fiancé, Zheng Huaichen, has cheated on her with her younger sister, Bai Linlin. Fueled by the desire for justice, Bai Jinse embarks on a mission to gather evidence against the deceitful scumbag.

Taking Love As A Contract

Taking Love As A Contract Chinese drama

In a desperate move to safeguard her grandmother’s home, small actress Xia Tian assumes the identity of the He family’s daughter, masquerading as a “princess.” Her mission is to aid the wealthy adopted son, Ji Chengxuan, in gaining acceptance from the He family.

Have A Crush On You

Have A Crush On You Chinese drama

It tells the story of Lin Yumeng, a descendant of the Lin Family Martial Arts School. A chance collision damages the luxury car belonging to Ji Lingsu, the President of the Ji Group. This seemingly trivial incident sparks a series of absurd events, intertwining Lin Yumeng’s life with Ji Lingsu through a bizarre chain of compensation and a consequential marriage contract.

My Lovely Wife

My Lovely Wife Chinese drama

Xu Nian, who witnessed her mother’s death firsthand, developed mutism due to PTSD, losing her mother’s care. Her father marries his lover and brings in a stepdaughter of similar age, subjecting Xu Nian to his cold indifference and the mistreatment and bullying of her stepmother Jiang Wanli and her daughter Xu Yao. However, Xu Nian has always believed that there was a hidden truth behind her mother’s death.

Miss Mystery

Miss Mystery Chinese drama

Xue Tong, the daughter of a wealthy family, witnessed her entire family being massacred in her childhood. Eighteen years later, Xue Tong returned to her hometown under the alias “Lin Bao’er and hatched an elaborate plan to eliminate the murderers of her family. However, her plans were disrupted by an engagement, and she unexpectedly became the fiancée of Zhu Guanwen, the son of her enemies

Love Strikes Back

Love Strikes Back Chinese drama

On the day of Lin Family’s heiress, Lin Yan’s wedding, destiny played its cruelest trick as her fiancé’s betrayal led her to suffer an unexpected fall from a building. Three years later, when Lin Yan unexpectedly regained consciousness, she was determined to pursue vengeance and reclaim her family’s lost fortunes.

You From The Future

You From The Future Chinese drama

Xia Mo, a recent college graduate, dreams of becoming a popular Hanfu blogger. She decides to reclaim her parents’ coastal house, currently occupied by Shen Junyao, the CEO of a tech company who has installed scientific equipment there.

Confess Your Love

Confess Your Love

Lin Wan and Lu Xun were as different as two people could be. She was a very witty girl while he was the totally cold CEO bully. Somewhere in their getting to know each other, it turned into love through a tug of war confession. But are they really meant to be?

A Date With The Future

A Date With The Future Chinese drama

Ten years ago, Jin Shichuan, who had just become a firefighter, brought his search and rescue dog to chase the wind and rescue Xu Lai, a dying girl from the rubble of the earthquake. Ten years later, Xu Lai returned to China as a journalist and also an international dog trainer. He met Jin Shichuan again at the rescue scene.

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