The Princess And The Werewolf

The Princess And The Werewolf
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Title: The Princess And The Werewolf

Chinese Title: 郎君不如意 / Lang Jun Bu Ru Yi

Also known As: Go Princess Go 2

Broadcast Network: Youku

Broadcast Date: 20 July 2023

Genre: Historical, Romance, Fantasy, Comedy

Director: Cheng Feng

Screenwriter: Chu Chu , Li Zhao, Liu Qiu Ye, Luo Man Ying

Producer: Liu Jun, Zhang Xiao Zhou, Mu Meng Nan

Executive Producer: Xie Ying, Gan Wei

Costume Designer: Yi Xiao Ya

VFX Supervisor: Liu Chong Ya

Dubbing Director: Gu Fang Bing

Production Company: Youku, Dream Chaser Pictures

Episodes: 30

The Princess And The Werewolf Synopsis

Per a previous agreement, Princess Qi Pa, the daughter of Zhang Peng Peng and Qi Sheng, must marry the handsome Wolf King. She’s happy to comply, not knowing that her intention is a man of changing personas.

While investigating a mysterious fire in the palace of the Great Xia Kingdom, Princess Qi Pa falls into a trap, but Kui Mu Lang of the Huashou Tribe rescues her. He intends to marry her to gain the spirit bead while she keeps her distance, finding him frightening and loathsome. With the mystery still unsolved, Princess Qi Pa decides she must remain in the palace.

And just like that, her life is turned upside down by two men – one handsome, the other not, marking the beginning of a humorous and happy romance.

The Princess And The Werewolf Cast

Main Roles

Wu Xuan Yi as Qi Pa (voiced by He Wen Xiao), Princess of Da Xia Kingdom
Chen Zhe Yuan as Kui Mulang / Li Xiong (voiced by Yu Chang Yu), King of Beast Kingdom. A wolf beast

Supporting Roles

Sheng Yi Lun as Qi Sheng, previous Emperor of Da Xia Kingdom. Qi Pa’s father
Hai Ling as Lv Li, current Empress of Da Xia Kingdom
Jiang Qi Lin as Prince Zhao, current Emperor of Da Xia Kingdom
Le Er as County Princess Xing Ping (voiced by Zhou Zhi), granddaughter of King Zhao and Lv Li
Dong Bo Liang as Ma Yingxiong, general of Da Xia Kingdom
Xie Cheng Qian as Zi Mei, Princess Qi Pa’s guard
Shi Zi Xun as Liu Jun (voiced by Zhang Dong), snake beast. Kui Mulang’s subordinate
Wang Lu Qing as Hong Xiu (voiced by Qu Jin Fa), cat beast. Palace maid
Wu Wen Jie as Hu Die, butterly beast. Assistant Commander of the Imperial Troops
Yang Chuan Bei as Bai Ke (voiced by Hu Lin), hedgehog beast.
Yin Jing Wen as Su Daqiang (voiced by Zhao Ming Zhou), scorpion beast. Poison master
Li Qian Yi as Xi Niang (voiced by Gu Fang Bing), fox beast
Lin Ai Jia as Hai Tang (voiced by Yan Meng Meng), chameleon beast. Disguise master
Bi Chu Ran as Hai Tang (young)
Xi Er Li as Jing Muxuan (voiced by Sun Lu Lu)
Qu Jun Fan as Jing Muxuan (young)
Wang Mu Yao as Su He (voiced by Zhao Jing)
Hou Yi Tong as Su He (young)
Li Yu as Chun Er
Zhang Gan Gan as Eunuch Ruo (voiced by Hu Chen Yu)
Leng Zhong Yi as Qi Changlao (voiced by Wang Qiu Ming)
Zhao Yan Qiao as Aunt Yan
Yu Hui Tao as Elder Lu
Chen Hong Yi as Elder Qin
Zhu Xiang as Da Yu
Jiang Yi Han as Hao Nan
Wang Chun Zi as Nanny Xiong
Wang Ai Xi as E Huang
Huang Xiao Hui as Aunt Ba

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