The Love You Give Me

The Love You Give Me Chinese drama
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Title: The Love You Give Me

Chinese Title: 你给我的喜欢 / Ni Gei Wo De Xi Huan

Broadcast Network: Tencent

Broadcast Date: 24 April 2023

Genre: Romance

Director: Ding Ying Zhou

Screenwriter: Guo Shuang

Producer: Huang Xing, Chu Fei, Wang Rui

Executive Producer: Li Er Yun

Production Company: Tencent Penguin Pictures

Episodes: 28

The Love You Give Me Synopsis

Min Hui accidentally met and fell in love with Xin Qi, but they ended up parting ways because of a misunderstanding. Years later, Min Hui and Xin Qi reunited, and fell for each other again. Both sweet and heart-tormenting stories happened between them in life and work.

The Love You Give Me Cast

Main Roles

Wang Yu Wen as Min Hui (voiced by He Wen Xiao), R&D Director of BE Agile Medi Tech Team B
Wang Zi Qi as Xin Qi (voiced by Yi Fan), CEO of Blue Jay Investment
Cui Yi Xin as Min Quanquan, Min Hui and Xin Qi’s son

Supporting Roles

Li Chuan as Zhou Ruji, doctor of Jia Ren Hospital. Min Hui’s neighbour who has a crush on her
Ma Xin Rui as Cao Mu (voiced by Wang Yu), Deputy General Manager of BE Agile Medi Tech. Min Hui’s close friend. Likes Chen Jiajun
Chen Xin Hai as Chen Jiajun (voiced by Wei Yi Fan), a swim coach. Likes Cao Mu
Huang Ge as Chen Jiajun (young)
Li Xing Yao as Yao Zizhu (voiced by Wei Ru Chen), a ballerina. Likes Zhou Ruji
Jill Hsu as Xin Di, Xin Qi’s elder sister. Chairman of Blue Jay Investment
Li Wei Long as Hardy (voiced by Jiang Bo), Xin Qi’s assistant
Han Ming Xi as Ding Yifeng (voiced by Wang Hao), R&D Director of BE Agile Medi Tech
Zhang Huan as He Haixiang (voiced by Da Nan), General Manager of BE Agile Medi Tech
Su Zi Shan as Cai Wenji, Min Hui’s assistant
Zhang Lin Yuan as Zhong Meimei, Ding Yifeng’s assistant. Later becomes Min Hui’s assistant
Zhang Ling Yi as Jia Jia, receptionist
Yang Fan as Zhang Beibei, Team A member
Wei Jin Hua as Jiang Zhibo, Team A member
Song Zhuo Han as Team A member
Zhong Ying Li as Team A member
Chen Fu Cai as Jiang Heng, Team B member
Li Yi Xin as Tang Xinning, Team B member
Jin Ze Hao as Cheng Qirang (voiced by Wang Min Na), CEO of Guan Chao Group
Mei Bao Lai as Lin Xiyue (voiced by Ma Xin Lei), Cheng Qirang’s assistant and secret lover
A Li Ya as Zheng Yiting, daughter of Zheng Bangguo and Cheng Qirang’s wife
Bao Da Zhi as Zheng Bangguo, Chairman of Guan Chao Group
Cheng Peng Wei as Cheng Qirang’s assistant
Song Ji Chao as Yang Yangyang, doctor at Jia Ren Hospital. Zhou Ruji’s colleague
Lan Cheng as Pu Hua, director of Jia Ren Hospital
Wei Jun as Department Chief Yao, Yao Zizhu’s father
Zhen Chu Qiao as Su Tian, Xin Qi’s childhood friend and Chen Jiajun’s older sister
Mian Hua Tang as Su Tian (young)
Qi Sheng Han as Cai Wenbin, Min Hui’s blind date. An investor
Zheng Xiao Wan as Pu Hua’s wife

One comment

  1. I love these two actors together. And the little boy who plays their son is adorable

    However I have a question. I read the synopsis and read were so and so did the voice for x, such and so do the voice for y and so on for all the actors. Why didn’t you use the voices of the actors playing each part?

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