Miss Fang’s Love Secrets

Miss Fang's Love Secrets
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Title: Miss Fang’s Love Secrets

Chinese Title: 方小姐的恋爱秘籍 / Fang Xiao Jie De Lian Ai Mi Ji

Broadcast Network: Tencent

Broadcast Date: 13 December 2023

Genre: Romance, Fantasy

Director: Jia Bing Qi

Episodes: 22

Miss Fang’s Love Secrets Synopsis

Caught in an unexpected twist, Fang Ximu, the programmer behind the love game “Secret Relationship,” finds herself trapped within the very game she created. Now an NPC that could be “done away” with at any moment, she faces a life-or-death situation.

To secure her survival in the game world, Fang Ximu must embark on an extraordinary quest: conquer the enigmatic male protagonist Bai Haotian and fulfill the game’s love mission. Despite being a level 10 expert in “Love Theory,” Fang Ximu who’s actually been single since birth is confronted with the ultimate challenge — to conquer the man regarded as “the ultimate ideal of all girls.” Only by “stealing hearts” can Fang Ximu hope to save her own life.

Miss Fang’s Love Secrets Cast

Wang Yi Jin as Fang Ximu
Zhang Jing Yun as Bai Haotian
Xie Zhi Xun as Song Yian
Yi Wen as Bai Weiwei

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