Lost You Forever

Lost You Forever Chinese drama
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Title: Lost You Forever

Chinese Title: 长相思 / Chang Xiang Si

Broadcast Network: Tencent

Broadcast Date: 24 July 2023 [part 1] / 08 July 2024 [part 2]

Genres: Romance, Wuxia, Drama, Fantasy

Director: Qin Zhen, Yang Huan

Screenwriter: Tong Hua, Wang Jing, Xue Ling Zhi, Qin Ye

Producer: Li Li Ming, Tang Pan Jing, Xiao Sha, Xiao Ruo Cai, Tan Jie, Wang Ya Shi, Yang Xiao Xin

Executive Producer: Wang Juan, Wang Li, Huang Jie

Presenter: Sun Zhong Huai, Tang Pan Jing, Tong Hua, Wang Li

Stylist: Chen Tong Xun

Art Director: Shao Chang Yong, Zheng Chen

Dubbing Director: Bian Jiang, Wang Jing Er

Production Company: Tencent Penguin Pictures, Star Lotus Pictures

Episodes: 39

Lost You Forever Synopsis

In ancient times, where gods, goddesses, demons, and mythical creatures live alongside humans, there are 3 mythical ruling kingdoms — Xi Yan, Chen Rong, and Hao Ling — that each govern a region of the world.

Whilst travelling through the wilderness, Hao Ling princess Xiao Yao experienced all kinds of hardships – losing both her identity and true appearance, she eventually settled in Qing Shui Town, disguised as a man called Wen Xiaoliu and became a doctor. In Qingshui Town, Xiao Yao / Wen Xiaoliu accidentally rescues Tushan Jing, the future leader of the Tu Shan Clan; encounters Xiang Liu, a nine-headed demon and reunites with her cousin, Xi Yan prince Cang Xuan who had been searching everywhere for her.

After reuniting with Cao Xuan, Xiao Yao recovers her identity as the Princess of Hao Ling Kingdom. She assists Cang Xuan in unifying the whole world under his rule, before retiring to the mountains with Tushan Jing. Meanwhile, Xiang Liu kept his promise to his benefactor, and died gloriously in battle. With his unreciprocated love towards Xiao Yao, Cang Xuan dedicates his life into governing the country; because he knows that as long as the world is at peace, Xiao Yao will be able to have a happy and healthy life.

Lost You Forever Cast

Main Roles

Yang Zi as Xiao Yao (Haoling Jiu Yao) / Wen Xiaoliu, Princess of Hao Ling Kingdom
Zhang Wan Yi as Xiyan Cang Xuan, Prince of Xi Yan Kingdom
Deng Wei as Tushan Jing / Ye Shiqi (voiced by Sun Rui Yang), nine-tailed fox. Second young master and future successor of Tu Shan Clan
Tan Jian Ci as Xiang Liu / Fangfeng Bei (fake), nine-headed sea demon. Military Advisor of Chen Rong Kingdom
Dai Lu Wa as A Nian (Haoling Yi), Second Princess of Hao Ling Kingdom
Wang Hong Yi as Chishui Feng Long, successor of Chi Shui Tribe

Supporting Roles

Xi Yan Royal Family

Hou Chang Rong as King of Xi Yan, Cang Xuan and Xiao Yao’s grandfather
Fang Xiao Li as Xiling Xie Zu, Queen of Xi Yan. Cang Xuan and Xiao Yao’s grandmother
Jin Feng as Xiling Heng, previous Queen of Hao Ling Kingdom, current Princess General of Xi Yan Kingdom. Xiao Yao’s mother, disciple of Xiling Xie
Wang Le Jun as Ruoshui Chang Pu, leader of Ruo Shui Tribe. Wife of fourth prince Xiyan Zhong Yi, Cang Xuan’s mother
Sun Wei as Xiyan De Yan (voiced by Zhang Duo), fifth prince
Gong Zheng Nan as Xiyan Yu Yang (voiced by Liu Ruo Ban), seventh prince
Wu Hong as Xiyan Yi Peng, ninth prince. Killed by Chang Pu
Wang Lue Tao as Xiyan Yue Liang (voiced by Yun Wei Yi), Yu Yang’s son
Zhou Yu Chen as Yue Liang (young)
He Shan Kai as Xiyan Shi Ran (voiced by Yu Chang Yu), Yu Yang’s son
Li Ling Ye as Shi Ran (young)

Cang Xuan’s aides

Gao Ji Cai as Lao Sang, mulberry spirit. Cang Xuan’s subordinate
Zhang Hao Jie as Jun Yi, Cang Xuan’s shadow guard
Wang Mo Han as Jin Xuan, flower demon. Leader of Qing Niao Si, a spy network serving Cang Xuan
Li Shu Man as Xiao Xiao (voiced by He Wen Xiao), Cang Xuan’s attendant and shadow guard
Zhang Hong Ming as Yu Jiang, member of Xi He Tribe. Formerly Cang Xuan’s enemy, later becomes his subordinate
Yu Qing Hui as Wu Cheng, disciple of the former King of Chen Rong Kingdom. Cang Xuan’s doctor
Wang Jia Xuan as Yin, doctor


Xu Meng as Zhou Shan (voiced by Li Hao Jia), King of Xi Yan’s attendant
Feng Pu as Ying Long, general of Xi Yan

Hao Ling Kingdom

Zheng Guo Lin as King of Hao Ling (voiced by Wei Chao), Xiao Yao’s step father and Cang Xuan’s teacher
Jin Feng as Consort Jing An, A Nian’s mother. A mute and deaf village girl who looks identical to Xiling Heng
Ding Jia Wen as Ru Shou, general of Hao Ling Kingdom. A Nian’s cousin
Wang Chu Yu as Qin Mang (voiced by Li Guan Chen), general of Hao Ling Kingdom
Shang Xuan as Hai Tang, A Nian’s attendant
Li Jia Tong as Shan Hu, Xiao Yao’s attendant
Fu Rou Mei Qi as Miao Pu, Xiao Yao’s attendant assigned by Cang Xuan
Li Chang An as Gui Wen, King of Hao Ling’s attendant

Chen Rong / Chi Shui Family

Wang Zhen as Chenrong Xin Yue, Chishui Feng Long’s twin sister. Empress of Xi Yan Kingdom; Cang Xuan’s wife
Tan Jian Chang as Chenrong Yi (voiced by Tang Shui Yu), Castellean of Zhi Yi Town. Chishui Feng Long and Chenrong Xin Yue’s father
Han Shu Mei as Chishui Xiao Ye, daughter of Chishui Tribe Leader. Chishui Feng Long and Chenrong Xin Yue’s mother
Wang Ruo Lin as Chishui Xian, Feng Long’s shadow guard
Liu Bing Lu as Ling Lan (voiced by Zhang Hui Lin), Xin Yue’s attendant

Qing Qiu Tu Shan Clan

Tang Qun as Tushan Madame Tai (voiced by Xu Yan), head of Tu Shan household
Ye Xiao Wei as Tushan Hou, first young master of Tushan Tribe
Luo Zi Shuo as Tushan Hou (young)
Huang Can Can as Fangfeng Yi Ying (voiced by Liu Man), young mistress of Fangfeng Family. Tushan Jing’s fiancee
Chen Tian Yu as Tushan Zhen, Tushan Hou and Fangfeng Yi Ying’s son
Chen Ruo Xi as Lan Mei, Tushan Hou’s wife
Gao Rong as Jing Ye, Tushan Jing’s attendant
Zeng Xi Tang as Hu Zhen, Tushan Jing’s guard
Jia Bo Ya as Lan Xiang, Tushan Jing’s attendant
Deng Shi Yun as Xuan Zhou (voiced by Zhang Yu Meng), Yi Ying’s attendant
Lin Cheng as Mother Tu, Tushan Jing’s mother and Tushan Hou’s stepmother

Qing Shui Town

Chen Chuang as Lao Mu, employee of Hui Chun Hall. Former soldier of Xi Yan Kingdom
Sun Kai as Ma Zi, employee of Hui Chun Hall. Orphan child who was adopted by Xiao Yao
Gao Xuan Ming as Chuan Zi, employee of Hui Chun Hall. Orphan child who was adopted by Xiao Yao
Peng Dou Dou as Chun Tao, daughter of a butcher. Ma Zi’s wife
Pu Tao as Sang Tian’er, a former prostitute. Chuan Zi’s wife
He Yun Wei as Mr. Shi (voiced by Xu Yu Long (徐宇隆)), rock spirit and storyteller
Chen Jia Nan as Rabbit Spirit
Liu Yong Gang as Yu Xin, boss of Qing Shui Town
Han Yan Da as Tu Hu Gao, a butcher. Chun Tao’s father

Chen Rong Kingdom

Cai Heng as Chi Chen, General of Chen Rong Kingdom. Xiao Yao’s biological father
He Yong Sheng as Hong Jiang (voiced by Lin Qiang), General of Chen Rong Kingdom. Xiang Liu’s benefactor
Cheng Guo Dong as Lirong Da Bo, former general under Chi Chen. Xiang Liu’s friend

Central Plains

Shao Wei Tong as Lirong Chang, leader of Lirong Clan. Close friend of Tushan Jing and Cang Xuan’s ally
Wang Zi Jia as Shen Shuhui, Xin Yue and Feng Long’s cousin. Later Cang Xuan’s consort
Huang He as Shen Shutong (voiced by Zhang Si Wang Zhi), Xin Yue and Feng Long’s cousin
Zhang Chen Xi as Fan Bin, leader of Fan Clan
Li Ke Han as Fan Zhang

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