Fate Of Broom Star And Lucky Star

Fate Of Broom Star And Lucky Star Chinese drama
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Title: Fate Of Broom Star And Lucky Star

Chinese Title: 万市大吉 / Wan Shi Da Ji

Broadcast Network: Mango TV

Broadcast Date: 03 November 2023

Genre: Historical, Comedy

Director: Zhong Zhen, Zhang Zhi Wei

Episodes: 24

Fate Of Broom Star And Lucky Star Synopsis

The play mainly tells the story of Ye Keke, an unlucky man who runs a tea shop left by his father in Wanle City. Unexpectedly, he is suddenly involved in a bizarre murder case of scented fragrance. In order to cooperate with the investigation, he became a city patrol guard. He accidentally became a spy.

Weird things kept happening, and the clues became confusing [1]. He met a Japanese girl Ruoye by chance, and based on the Japanese spice clues, he deduced that Princess Qi was the reincarnation of a lucky star. Ye Keke fell in love with Princess Qi at first sight. , in order to eliminate the suspicion, look for Princess Qi, and use a sensitive nose to look for clues.

The clues were broken because of the river protection, and then traced back to Jiu Ruoshui based on the wine and on-site clues, and found that the mastermind was actually Lan Qingyue, Lan Qingyue was silenced, and Jiu Ruoshui Ruoshui wakes up and rebels against the person behind the rebellion. Then, based on Xiaoqi’s unexpected guidance and Ruoye’s help, he discovers that the person behind the scenes belongs to an insider in the palace.

Fate Of Broom Star And Lucky Star Cast

Fang Xiao Dong as Ye Kele
Yin Rui as Xiao Qi
Ou Mi De as Jiu Ruoshui
Wang Xue Xi as Lan Qingyue
Tong Jia Hao as Gu Ying
Li Bo Tong as Ruo Ye
Liu Mo Hao as Crown Prince
Liu Shun Gang as Yan Jing
Mi Jin as Third Prince
Hao Yun as Hao Yunzi

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