Fangs Of Fortune

Fangs Of Fortune Chinese drama
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Title: Fangs Of Fortune

Chinese Title: 大梦归离 / Da Meng Gui Li

Also known As: 白泽令 / Bai Ze Ling / The Story of Mystics

Broadcast Network: iQiyi

Broadcast Date:

Genre: Xuanhuan, Romance

Director: Guo Jing Ming, Luo Luo, Wei Nan

Screenwriter: Ai Li Si

Executive Producer: Guo Jing Ming

Costume Designer: Huang Wei

Stylist: Shi Hui

Production Company: iQiyi, ZUI

Episodes: 26

Fangs Of Fortune Synopsis

Born out of “The Classic of Mountains and Seas”, there is a magnificent legend of “the demon wants to catch the demon”. The big demon who wants to die is unwilling to lie down on the road to death and regain a new life. Several young people who meet by chance trace the bloody journey in the world. like. The traditional culture is packaged in a two-dimensional style, with oriental monsters and fairy tales expressed in a light and interesting way, presenting a sense of youth that is both sad and burning and a fresh treatment of the ultimate love. (Translated)

Fangs Of Fortune Cast

Main Roles

Hou Ming Hao as Zhao Yuanzhou
Chen Du Ling as Wen Xiao
Tian Jia Rui as Zhuo Yichen
Cheng Xiao as Pei Sijing
Xu Zhen Xuan as Ying Lei
Lin Zi Ye as Bai Jiu

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