Falling In Love With Me

Falling In Love With Me
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Title: Falling In Love With Me

Chinese Title: 倒数三秒爱上我 / Dao Sho San Miao Ai Shang Wo

Also known As: 一闪一闪心心宇 / Yi Shan Yi Shan Xin Xin Yu / Twinkling Stars

Broadcast Network: Tencent

Broadcast Date: 24 September 2023

Genre: Romance, Fantasy

Director: Nian Jian Lun

Screenwriter: Wang Meng

Episodes: 20

Falling In Love With Me Synopsis

Tong Yuxin has a magical necklace that makes people fall in love with her for an hour. Her accidental kiss with Tang Yutong causes the necklace to be transferred. Deprived of magic, the original Tong Yuxin is revealed, and she is eager to knock down Tang Yutong to get back the necklace. A romantic education about love and music unfolds from here, and a misplaced first love story also emerges.

Falling In Love With Me Cast

Gu Lan Di as Tang Yutong
Kang Xi as Tong Yuxin
Si Wai Ge as Liang Tete
Meng En as Shen Zhizhou
Sun Xue Ning as Mysterious Girl
Pan Cheng Ran as Lin Xiaoqing

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