Fairyland Romance

Fairyland Romance Chinese drama
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Title: Fairyland Romance

Chinese Title: 与卿书 / Yu Qing Shu

Broadcast Network: Mango TV

Broadcast Date: 14 February 2023

Genre: Historical, Romance

Director: Mai Tian

Producer: Tang Fan

Production Company: Mango TV

Episodes: 24

Fairyland Romance Synopsis

A prince strays into the peach blossom village, a place that is said to contain the fountain of youth, and begins an angsty romance with its leader Liu Qing Qing.

Among the clouds and mists in the mountains, there is a village full of peach blossoms that are isolated from everything. Zuo Jing Lun, the heir to the imperial dynasty, strays into this place while on his way to take office in the southwest. Here, he regains his inner peace and falls in love with Liu Qing Qing, a strong leader who dares to love and hate.

Fairyland Romance Cast

Huang Yi as Liu Qingqing (voiced by Liu Qing)
Wang Hong Yi as Zuo Jinglun (voiced by Qian Wen Qing)
Ke Ying as Jin Xuan (voiced by Jiang Cong)
Liu Yin Jun as Shen Feiyang (voiced by Wei Yi Fan)
Zhang Hao Zhe as Ba Jiu (voiced by Ma Yu Xin)
Zhou Zi Yue as Xiao He Tao (voiced by Qing He)
Pan Yi Hong as A Yuan
Zhao Qian as Elder Princess (voiced by Li Jin Yan)
Zheng Hao Yuan as Bo Chuan (voiced by Wang Min Na)
Zheng Tuo Jiang as Xue Meng (voiced by Shun Zi)
Liu Hui Yi as Long Po (voiced by Ma Cheng)
Liu Xin as Han Fu (voiced by Jiang Bo)
Li Xiao Jia as Bi Chun (voiced by Yi Xin)
Li Cui Xia as Aunt Pan Tao
Pan Yun De as Uncle Huang Tao
Dou Ding as A Nu (voiced by Wei Ru Chen)
Dong Yong as Uncle A Cai
Zhang Xing Yu as Uncle Qi
Li Run Hua as Madame Bo Chuan
Duan Ran as Physician Xiao
Zhao Hai Yu Ning as Bo Chuan’s subordinate

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