Extremely Perilous Love

Extremely Perilous Love Chinese drama
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Title: Extremely Perilous Love

Chinese Title: 君心难逑/ Jun Xin Nan Qiu

Also known As: Difficult to Win His Heart

Broadcast Network: Youku

Broadcast Date: 21 July 2023

Genre: Historical, Romance

Director: Man Chuang Chuang, An Ji Er

Episodes: 24

Extremely Perilous Love Synopsis

Xu Yin is the daughter of a doctor. To avenge her father, she changed her appearance and pretended to be the prime minister’s daughter, Xu Qingqing, to marry the invalid general Gu Shengnan. As he immediately suspects her, both of them keep playing a game of testing each other until they finally overcome the crisis together and fall for each other.

Extremely Perilous Love Cast

Li Mu Chen as Xu Yin / Xu Qingqing / Xu Yingying
Wang Zu Yi as Gu Shengnan
Wang Xing Wei as Gu Shengming
Ma Zi Wei as Mu Yuexi
Ren Yu as Xu Guoru
He Xing Yu as A Xin
Han Qing as Xu Yin
Man Ning Xi as Old Madame
Jia Jin Long as Xu Liulang

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