Echo Of Her Voice Chinese drama
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Title: Echo Of Her Voice

Chinese Title: 幻乐森林 / Huan Yue Sen Lin

Also known As: Meet Me in Your Sound

Broadcast Network: iQiyi

Broadcast Date:

Genre: Historical, Romance, Music

Director: He Hong Hui, Liang Wen Ye

Screenwriter: Shan Xin Kang

Producer: Dai Ying, Zhang Lei, Bian Jiang, Shen Ling Wei

Executive Producer: He Shu Pei

Cinematographer: Huang Zhuang Qiu

Art Director: Chen Xin

Production Company: iQiyi, The Next Stop Media

Episodes: 24

Echo Of Her Voice Synopsis

Everyone in Dongsheng Continent is fond of music. Young Lord Yunmu is famous worldwide in the name of music, but no one knows that he has a shocking secret. He went to Yunyao to recruit musicians but unexpectedly discovered that she was of extraordinary significance to him because of a Jiegu played by Su Ruofei, the owner of the Green Light Band, so he tricked her into becoming his musician. Little did he know that the fate of the two of them had already begun and they were tightly entangled by a magical light.

Echo Of Her Voice Cast

Xu Jia Qi as Su Ruofei
Wei Zhe Ming as Yun Mu
Wu Xi Ze as Jin Shangyu
Zhang Yue as Su Ruoshan
Huang You Ming as Yun Shang
Lu Zhao Hua as Huang Ying
Xu Fang Zhou as Xiao Qi
Eddie Cheung as Dongfang Ling Zhu
Yang Ming Na as Madame Yao Shan
Ruan Sheng Wen as Huang Fu
Liang You Cheng as Xu Hao
Sun Yi Fan as A Jin
Li Yi Mu as Dai Yongwang

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