Review: My Girlfriend Is An Alien 2 ( Bie Thassapak Hsu, Wan Peng)

Review: My Girlfriend Is An Alien 2 ( Bie Thassapak Hsu, Wan Peng)

Season 2 picked up where they left off with the wedding. Fang Leng and Xiaoqi were supposed to get married in the last season but we never saw that. When season two was announced, I wondered what new concept will they bring to the table besides the romance between Fang Leng and Chai Xiaoqi. Writers decided to fill the loopholes from the previous season by twisting the story a little bit. Chai Xiaoqi was sent back to her home planet ‘cape town planet ‘ together with xiaobu and got their memories replaced. They only know Fang Leng as Xiaoqi’s husband who is a villain.

I saw new development with the introduction of Xiaoqi’s planet and the habitants. Talking about the planet was not enough, I wanted to see how it looked like and how the specimen lived. I have to be honest, Cape town planet wasn’t what I expected and I was a little disappointed because they only showed the specimen in human form. I had my own drawing of Xiaoqi and Xiaobu’s planet in my mind but it would be a bit tough to apply on a modern drama. Talking about Xiaobu, she’s finally human and I’ve been dying to see her as a human.

With the lost memories, Xiaoqi and Xiaobu were sent back to Earth to steal the hormone element from Fang Leng for inspection. It is said that the hormone element might bring harm to the habitants of Cape town planet. Xiaoqi and Xiaobu happen to have travelled back to Earth but in 2018 instead of 2021 and Fang Leng doesn’t even remember her. Xiaobu meets Fang Lei and gets in some situation which causes her to damage her central nerve that can be used to make contact with the people from her planet. They now have to gather hormones from Fang Leng inorder to make contact with their people. This situation forces Chai Xiaoqi to follow Fang Leng and everything resumes here.

I didn’t see the need to for 30 episodes which took about 35-55 minutes in length. They were dragging the story with a lot of misunderstandings which we already witnessed in the first season. They even took it further by making Feng Leng a bit annoying with his ‘cold’ behavior. I swear, there were moments where I wanted to see Xiaoqi with Jiang Shiyi instead of Feng Leng. Imagine reaching 15 episodes and all you have seen so far is just Xiaoqi and Feng Leng’s relationship going on and off. There’s also the business side where they still use the same schemes over and over again. I skipped most of the scenes because I didn’t find any value in them.

There were times where the writers would go outside the script and just jokes around with us as viewers. First, Chen Yi Xin (Xiaobu) watching Once We Get Married where she is part of the cast. Hu Cai Hong also made a guest appearance as Yin Sichen’s mother on the drama. Then the characters would frequently warn each other about censorship. Fang Lei always stopped Xiaobu from crossing the line when they had to talk about making love, he would say ‘watch what you’re saying or else it won’t broadcast.’ Xiaoqi also did the same thing on Fang Leng when she told him to dress up or else the drama won’t broadcast. Even when the drama ended, Xiaoqi also mentioned that she wished their story had a third season. These short moments means a lot to us as viewers because they tell us the writers acknowledges and appreciates our existence. I also found the whole “don’t say this or else it might not broadcast” is a way of trying to fight against censorship in China but I might be wrong.

I loved the way they balanced the screen time for the second and third couple. They had their time to shine but the main couple always reminded them who’s running the show. I did have trouble with the dragging story during the first 15 episodes. The story got better when it reaches the ending but I think they overused the ‘memory loss’ trick. I also thought the ending will give us the question we all wanted to know but they just had to ignore it. Why doesn’t Xiaoqi’s magic work on Fang Leng? This question is the real reason why I watched the second because I hoped to get an answer but I returned with nothing but more questions. I was excited when Shiyi talked about Xiaoqi’s magic not working on Fang Leng but he didn’t explain the reason why. The crazy part is that other’s magic work on Fang Leng. Another thing, Xiaoqi once travelled to earth when she was young but they never explained the reason behind it. We don’t know who she met and what happened during her visit. All we know is that she came back home with a candy. Xiaobu also talked about Xiaoqi’s parents but the story just died there. Xiaoqi did state that she doesn’t have parents but they should’ve gave us a little background information about them. Everything related to Xiaoqi’s planet has loopholes, they didn’t explain what we wanted to know.


Season 2 has brought up a number of exciting relationships, characters and even plots. In season 1, I was feeling sorry for Sister Cai because the story ended with her being single. I’m excited to see her drowning in love and having the best time of her life. She even had a more closer relationship with Xiaoqi (Xiaobu included) than she had in the first season. Fang Leng was more serious with a cold face and barely left his comfort zone in season 1. It was great to see Fang Leng being a little childish and enjoying himself. I have seen a lot of people wishing for season 3 and some saying there will be season 3. There will not be the third season of My Girlfriend Is An Alien even though Xiaoqi mentioned it. No season 3, it’s also stated at the end of the story so Xiaoqi’s wish won’t happen. How about we have the love story of Mr Han as the third season? I forgot, coaches don’t play… just kidding. I’m rating this drama 7/10, I didn’t get the answers I wanted and I found it dragging a lot with it’s cliché scenes. I honestly don’t see myself re-watching it but I do recommend it if you’re die hard fan of modern dramas or want to catch a drama with a light storyline filled with comedy. Season 1 is still better than season 2 and if season 3 happens, it will be boring.

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