Drama: Love Is An Accident (Xu Kaicheng, Xing Fei)

Drama: Love Is An Accident (Xu Kaicheng, Xing Fei)

Title: Love Is an Accident

Chinese Title: 花溪记 / Hua Xi Ji / 月昭记 / Yue Zhao Ji
Broadcast Network: iQIYI
Broadcast Date: 16 September 2023
Genre: Historical, Romance, Tianchong, Time Travel
Director: Li Yulei
Screenwriter: Zhang Xiaojing
Production Company: iQIYI, Ba Xi Man Man, Hua Lian Ying Hua
Executive Producer: Yang Bei, Zhang Wenzhu
Episodes: 24


It tells the story of modern day “drama queen” Li Chuyue who travels to ancient times. She is driven by circumstances to pretend to be married to the young master of Yunwei Villa. When an unexpected moment leads to him saving the “damsel in distress”, love blossoms. However, the road to courting one’s wife is long and difficult.
The Yunwei Villa has a reputation for being number one in the pugilistic world. Upon arriving in ancient times, Li Chuyue has a near scrape with death after being mistaken for an assassin by An Jingzhao, the young master of Yunwei Villa. She manages to keep her life through sheer instinct, but it also means that she has no choice but to cooperate with An Jingzhao in a ploy to mislead others into thinking they are husband and wife. It then leads to their “long-distance” romance that transcends time and space. As they join hands to solve a crisis, the mastermind gradually resurfaces.

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