LI Yifeng was repeatedly detained for visiting prostitutes

LI Yifeng was repeatedly detained for visiting prostitutes

On September 11, Ping An Beijing (Safe Beijing) reported that recently, in the detection of a criminal case, the Beijing police seized actor Li Moumou (male, 35 years old), who was accused of visiting prostitutes many times. He confessed to the fact that he violated the law, and he has been placed under administrative detention in accordance with the law. CCTV reporters learned through authoritative channels that Li Moumou is Li Yifeng.

At first, Li Yifeng and his studio published separate statements to deny the accusations. Both statements were later deleted on Weibo and they were unsearchable. As far as this matter is concerned, prostitution and whoring are illegal acts clearly stipulated in the Public Security Administration Punishment Law. In addition, the Criminal Law also stipulates crimes such as organizing prostitution and forced prostitution, and stipulates clear statutory sentences.

Li Yifeng currently has two affiliated companies, namely Shanghai Li Yifeng Film and Television Culture Studio and Dongyang Hengdian Li Yifeng Studio, both of which are 100% owned by Li Yifeng. Li Yifeng had previously invested in the film and television company Huanrui Century, but withdrew as early as 2016. Since 2020, he had more than 10 commercial endorsements, many of which are well-known brands such as PRADA Prada, YAYA Duck Duck Real Fruit, HONMA Golf, Kyoto Nianci Temple, and Luk Fook Jewelry most of them issued a statement to terminate their cooperation with Li Yifeng.

This is it Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s the end of Li Yifeng’s career. He has no chance of making a comeback. I just hope they don’t remove his current projects because he wasn’t the only one involved in them, that includes the hard work of other Actors and Directors.

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