Drama: Song of Life (Zhou Yiran, Yang Xinming)

Drama: Song of Life (Zhou Yiran, Yang Xinming)
Title: Song of Life

Chinese Title: 三悦有了新工作 / San Yue You Le Xin Gong Zuo

Broadcast Website: Bilibili

Broadcast Date: September 21, 2022

Genre: Modern

Language: Mandarin

Episodes: 13

Director: Li Mo

Screenwriter: You Xiaoying

Production Company: Bilibili, Firefly Film

Executive Producer: Li Ni

Chief Producer: Lu Fanxi, You Xiaoying

Origin: China


A post-95 funeral home make-up artist goes from being ignorant about her profession to gaining a profound understanding of life and death.

Zhao Sanyue came to the funeral home by accident to work as a makeup artist. As a newcomer in the industry, she witnesses the life of the deceased and what takes place after. In a warm and healing way, it tells a story about realizing the value of daily life, learning to say goodbye and learning to live.

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