Sandra Ma Sichun fined 300 yuan.

Sandra Ma Sichun fined 300 yuan.
On the 15th, some gossip media photographed Ma Sichun driving irregularly, turning on the right turn signal and driving on the left side of the road. In the early morning of the 16th, Beijing Traffic Police issued a notice, “Ma Sichun has traffic violations such as reverse driving. The traffic control department has combined a fine of 300 yuan for her related violations and 3 points on her driver’s license.”

Ma Sichun made an apology on Weibo stating:

“Apologies to everyone, sorry.

I went to the traffic control department yesterday to communicate the incident and accept the punishment. It is personal, but the impact is poor. The various discussions that have arisen from this are deeply self-blame. Thanks to all the people who love me, love deeply, take responsibility, I don’t make excuses for my mistakes, it’s my fault. There should be no luck in life, and we must keep in mind “do not do evil for small things”. I will keep in mind my behavior today, conduct deep reflection, and be more strict with myself in the future. Please continue to supervise.”.

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