Drama: Discovery of Romance ( Janice Wu, Qin Junjie)

Drama: Discovery of Romance ( Janice Wu, Qin Junjie)

Title: Discovery of Romance

Chinese Title: 恋爱的夏天 / Lian Ai De Xia Tian

Broadcast Website: Tencent

Broadcast Date: 28 August 2022

Genre: Modern, Romance

Language: Mandarin

Episodes: 24 episode

Director: Yu Zhongzhong, Jiang Jizheng

Chief Producer: Fang Fang

Producer: Zhang Meng, Xia Rui, Yi Wenyang, Guo Jinwei, Xin Wenhai

Origin: China

Source: A Chinese remake of the 2014 Korean drama Discovery of Love


To choose the one who loves you or the one that you love? This tells the story of a woman’s growth and evolution in love as she is faced with her ex and her current boyfriend who both have very different personalities.

By chance, Xia Tian, a cutting-edge furniture designer in her 30s encounters design company owner Xu Zehao who happens to be her ex-boyfriend. Given his relentless efforts for them to get back together, Xia Tian’s feelings for her cosmetic surgeon boyfriend Guan Xin starts wavering.

Meanwhile, Guan Xin is reunited with Lu Xi, his “little sister” from the orphanage whom he’s been separated from for many years. They start to have an ambiguous relationship. Whether it’s the ex or the current boyfriend, friends or lovers, reunion or rejection, breakup or marriage, it depicts the emotional journey of an urban woman at the age of 30.

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