Drama: The Amazing Grace of Sigma (Yao Yaochun, Aaron Yan)

The Amazing Grace of Sigma

Title: The Amazing Grace of Σ / The Amazing Grace of Sigma

Chinese Title: 我願意 / Wo Yuan Yi

Broadcast Website: MOD, Hami Video

Broadcast Date: July 29, 2022

Air Time: Friday 20:00

Genre: Crime, Drama, Mystery, Suspense

Language: Mandarin

Episodes: 12

Director: Wu Luo-ying, Ray Jiang

Screenwriter: Wu Luo-ying


What kind of person is Master Bensheng? Why are so many willing to follow him, obsessively believing everything he says? According to him, “Everyone has their own sigma file, which contains your past and present, your mission and place in this world, the questions you face as well as the answers.”

From his age to his past, everything about him is a mystery and even believers have heard different versions. Yet none of it matters because his sense of mystery gives him value, and he is the only God of the Happiness Meta Power Group. With long hair, he looks gentle but he has piercing eyes. Everyone’s weaknesses and desires cannot escape him. He’s eloquent, but lies uncontrollably. For him, it’s fun to manipulate people. Even he can’t tell what he wants – is it money? is it sex? or is it the power to manipulate the world at will? Perhaps he just wants to prove that he still exists, that the soul destroyed by his father since childhood has now been immortalized.

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