Ni Ni’s instagram account hacked?

Ni Ni

Well known actress Ni Ni is on the hot search after her instagram account was hacked recently. Ni Ni’s studio issued a statement regarding the incident.

“Our artist Ms. Ni Ni’s personal Instagram account (account name: captainmiao) recently discovered that there was an abnormal interaction, and it was confirmed that it was illegally stolen. Unfamiliar accounts interact through private messages. At present, our company is trying to get in touch with the platform to urge them to assist in restoring the normal use of the account as soon as possible. Before the Instagram platform solves this problem, any content posted by this account and the interaction between this account and any other account are not done by our company or Ms. Ni Ni herself. Therefore, any screenshots, videos, etc has nothing to do with our company and Ms. Ni Ni herself.

After the incident, our company has extracted and retained all the evidence for the first time, and reserves the right to pursue legal responsibility. Our company condemns any malicious violation of personal privacy and information, and will do our best to protect the legitimate rights and interests of Ms. Ni Ni within our ability. Ms. Ni Ni will stop using and update the platform until the Instagram account is restored to normal use.
We also remind everyone to pay attention to protecting the security information of personal social media accounts, pay attention to network security, and protect your personal privacy.”
I seriously hope they retrieve the account back before the hacker does anything inappropriate with it.

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