Defendant Wu Yifan’s rape case of first instance trial. Kris Wu case full timeline.

Kris Wu

The Wu Yifan case today’s first-instance case is sorted out in full time line

Source: Comprehensive @Beijing Chaoyang Court, @Safe Beijing Chaoyang, Beiqing-Beijing Toutiao, Beijing News.
Alert: Some names maybe misspelled!!!
According to the Beijing Chaoyang Court, on June 10, 2022, the Beijing Chaoyang District People’s Court opened a trial in accordance with the law to hear the case of the defendant Wu Yifan’s rape, gathering and promiscuity. Because of the privacy of the victim, the case was tried in a closed court in accordance with the law. The court will decide the date of sentencing according to the law.
Previously, netizen Du Meizhu’s revelations caused a public outcry, but “Skynet is very sloppy and not leaking”, Wu Yifan, who openly challenged the legal bottom line, eventually suffered the consequences, was detained by Chaoyang police according to law, and is currently in the detention center eating “big bowls of prison” meal”.
According to @Safe Beijing Chaoyang, on August 16, 2021, the People’s Procuratorate of Chaoyang District, Beijing, after reviewing the law, approved the arrest of the criminal suspect Wu Yifan on suspicion of rape.
Previously, the police reported: In response to the online report of “Wu Yfan has repeatedly tricked young women into having sexual relations” and other related situations, after police investigation, Wu Yifan (male, 30 years old, Canadian nationality) has been arrested by Chaoyang on suspicion of rape. The Public Security Bureau has detained criminals according to law, and the investigation and handling of the case is being further carried out.
Previously, netizen Du Meizhu broke the news, saying that a certain star Wu Yifan used various methods to find and lure young women into having a relationship with him. The victims included him and more than 8 people, including even underage girls.
And Wu Yifan denied this, saying, “I didn’t drink alcohol, I didn’t collect my mobile phone,” and said, “If there is such behavior, please rest assured, I will go to prison by myself.” For this reason, Wu Yifan was terminated by more than ten endorsement brands.
Wu Yifan and Du Meizhu insisted on their own words, insisting that the other party lied, and the screenshots on the Internet broke one after another, making it difficult to see the truth and the fake.
On July 22, 2021, Beiqing-Beijing Toutiao reporter learned from the Beijing Chaoyang police that in response to the rumors circulating on the Internet, the police confirmed after investigation that Wu Yifan’s agent had invited Meizhu to Wu Yifan on the grounds of selecting the MV heroine for an interview. At a house party, after the mobile phone was taken away, more than 10 people played board games and drank together. After drinking, Du Meizhu stayed at Wu Yifan’s house and had sex. In June this year, in order to increase his online popularity, Du Meizhu first played with friends online. The hype was later co-planned with an online writer, who wrote a thousand-character essay “Decisive Battle” to further hype it; The two sides communicated and demanded 3 million yuan in money, but in fact Wu and Du did not contact directly on the matter.
From Xiao Gna 6 years ago to Du Meizhu today, from a popular traffic star to an “abandoned child”, what are the unknown details beyond the revelations?
At present, the fraud suspect has been criminally detained by Chaoyang Public Security Bureau in accordance with the law. The Beijing Chaoyang police are still investigating the reports from netizens that “Wu Yifan has repeatedly tricked young women into having sexual relations” and the recent revelations on the Internet. If it constitutes a crime, the police will strictly deal with it according to the law.
December 2020
The only time Wu Yifan and Du Meizhu met had sex
According to the police investigation, at around 22:00 on December 5, 2020, Feng Mou (female, 28 years old, then Wu Yifan’s executive agent) asked the capital Meizhu (female, 18 years old) to go to Wu Yifan on the grounds of selecting the heroine of the MV for an interview. (Male, 30 years old) attending a party at home. During the period, the mobile phones of the participants were taken away and kept for safekeeping. More than 10 people played board games and drank together. From the next morning to 7:00 am, the other party members left one after another, all of them stayed at Wu Yifan’s house after drinking, and the two had sex. At the time of the relationship, Tomitake was already 18 years old.
In the afternoon of the same day, Du Meizhu left on her own after having a meal at Wu Yifan’s house, during which the two added WeChat to each other.
On December 8, Wu Yifan transferred more than 30,000 yuan to Du Meizhu for online shopping. A few days ago, the two were in close contact, and from then until April 2021, the two maintained WeChat contact.
After April 2021, because Wu Yifan refused to reply to Du Meizhu’s WeChat, Du Meizhu felt left out. In June, after Du Meizhu started posting information about Wu Yifan online, Wu Yifan deleted his WeChat account.
June-July 2021
In order to increase the popularity of the Internet, Du Meizhu began to hype the “Decisive Battle”, written by a thousand-character online writer
According to the police investigation, in June 2021, Du Meizhu discussed with her friend Liu Mouwen (female, 19 years old) to disclose her relationship with Wu Yifan on the Internet in order to increase her online popularity. “Beautiful Classmate_” posted a blog post about Du Meizhu being “cold and violent” by Wu Yifan.
On June 3rd, Wu Yifan posted, “No snowflake is innocent. Buffan kept everyone entertained for a whole day. I hope you all get what you want.”
On the same day, Du Meizhu wrote: “That’s it, let’s be safe.”
From July 8th to July 11th, Du Meizhu followed up and released 3 hype blog posts. Among them, Du Meizhu said that Wu Yifan had an affair with many girls around him during his relationship with him; Du Meizhu said that he was going to report the case; Du Meizhu said that he had unpublished evidence.
On July 13, online writer Xu (male, 31 years old) took the initiative to contact Du Meizhu in order to seek benefits. After negotiation, they jointly planned and wrote more than 10 copies of “Decisive Battle” by Xu. July 16 It was released by Du Meizhu through the account.
Beiqing-Beijing Toutiao reporter learned from the police that the blog posts published earlier brought a large number of fans to Du Meizhu’s account. After Xu found himself, Du Meizhu invited Xu to Beijing to continue to pack for himself.
And Xu also told the police that he saw that Du Meizhu’s fans were growing very fast, and he thought that as long as he helped her pack, Du Meizhu would definitely become a big Internet celebrity in the future, and he could also be her agent at that time.
According to the current situation of the police, the most widely circulated “decisive battle” thousand-character text on the Internet is based on the content of Xu and Du Meizhu’s online chat, and then packaged and compiled. However, the “materials” provided by Dumeizhu include the content fabricated by others.
June-July 2021
Behind the scenes “manipulators” are divided into triangles to defraud
In June 2021, after seeing the online information of Do Meizhu and Wu Yifan, Liu Mouchuo, a 23-year-old man with only a junior high school education, had the idea of ​​posing as a related person to defraud both parties involved.
Afterwards, Liu Mouchuu fabricated a female identity, deceived Du Meizhu’s trust in the name of having been deceived by Wu Yifan and wanted to defend their rights together, and used the nickname “DDX” to contact Du Meizhu, and obtained some contacts between Du Meizhu and Wu Yifan situation information.
On July 10, Liu Mouchuo used the information he obtained to first send an email to Wu Yifan’s studio in the name of Du Meizhu, claiming to expose Wu Yifan’s black material on the Internet. After getting in touch with Wu Yifan’s lawyer, he asked Wu Yifan for 8 million yuan in compensation in the name of a settlement between the two parties. Ultimately, it comes to 3 million yuan. Later, Liu Mouchuo sent the bank accounts of himself and Du Meizhu to lawyer Wu Yifan, intending to have lawyer Wu Yifan transfer 3 million yuan to the two accounts respectively.
On July 11, in order to temporarily quell the situation, Wu Yifan’s mother transferred 500,000 yuan to Dumeizhu’s account twice. In Du Meizhu’s eyes, the 500,000 yuan was a “sealing fee” from Wu Yifan “inexplicably”.
The money of 500,000 yuan went into Du Meizhu’s account. When Liu saw that he had not received the money, he continued to impersonate Du Meizhu and asked Wu Yifan for the remaining 2.5 million yuan, but failed.
July 17, 2021
Du Meizhu accused Wu Yifan of asking him to sign a “confession letter”, Wu and Du have never had direct contact
Later, Liu Mouchuo faked and used the WeChat account of “Beijing Mortal Culture Media” (the name of Wu Yifan’s studio), claiming to be Wu Yifan’s lawyer, and negotiated with Du Meizhu to reach a settlement compensation of 3 million yuan, otherwise he would claim back 500,000 yuan.
After Du Meizhu agreed to refund the money, Liu Mouchuo pretended to be Wu Yifan’s lawyer and changed his Alipay account name to “seven” and provided it to Du Meizhu. Due to the Alipay limit, Du Meizhu successively transferred 180,000 yuan to the account.
So far, Wu Yifan’s lawyer believes that he has given 500,000 yuan; while Du Meizhu believes that Wu Yifan first transferred himself 500,000 yuan for no reason, and then threatened to sign a “confession” to get the money back.
On July 17, Du Meizhu posted the transfer record on the Internet and accused Wu Yifan of asking her to sign a “confession letter”.
The conflict between the two sides has further escalated, and during the whole process, Wu Yifan, Wu Yifan’s lawyer and Du Meizhu have never established direct contact on the matter. The so-called “contact” between the two parties came from Liu Mouchuo, who used “DDX”, pretended to be Dumeizhu’s WeChat and pretended to be Wu Yifan’s studio in order to commit fraud. During the period, during the contact between Liu and Du Meizhu, they only communicated in words for fear of exposing their male identity.
July 18, 2021
Wu Yifan’s mother called the police and said that the “manipulator” had been extorted by the police. The rest of the online exposure is still under investigation
On July 14, 2021, Beijing Chaoyang police received a report from Wu Yifan’s mother, Wu, saying that she had been extorted by Du Meizhu. At that time, the police carried out acceptance and investigation in accordance with the law. During their work, they locked the criminal suspect Liu Mouchuo (male, 23 years old) and arrested him on July 18, 2021 in Nantong City, Jiangsu Province.
After Liu Mouchuo was arrested, he confessed to the crime of fraud. At present, the person has been criminally detained by Chaoyang Public Security Bureau in accordance with the law.
At the same time, a reporter from Beiqing-Beijing Toutiao learned from the Beijing Chaoyang police that so far, neither Du Meizhu nor all the victims on the Internet who have accused Wu Yifan of “adultering” have reported the case to the police.
The Beijing Chaoyang police are still investigating the reports from netizens that “Wu Yifan has repeatedly tricked young women into having sexual relations” and the recent revelations on the Internet. If it constitutes a crime, the police will strictly deal with it according to the law.
On July 31 , in response to the online report of “Wu Yifan has repeatedly lured young women to have sexual relations” and other related situations, after investigation by the police, Wu Yifan (male, 30 years old, Canadian) has been arrested on suspicion of rape. Chaoyang Public Security Bureau has been detained criminally in accordance with the law, and the investigation of the case is being further carried out.
Before Du Meizhu broke the news, Wu Yifan was in charge of the traffic of a popular star in the entertainment industry. Afterwards, the countless glossy labels on Wu Yifan’s body were quickly stripped, and he once again became the protagonist of the scandal.
In 2012, he debuted as a member of the Korean EXO group. So far, Wu Yifan has gone through nine years of “stardom”. Shell Finance combed past information and noticed that since entering the domestic entertainment circle, Wu Yifan has been escorted by “noble people” all the way. And successfully survived negative public opinion many times.
And this time the scandal did not spare him. After the incident, all that awaited him were the “breakup letters” from major brands at home and abroad. He urgently drew a line to clear up all relationships, and even erased the traces of his “communication” and cleaned up the relevant propaganda records.
Five years ago, the situation changed dramatically. Wu Yifan has also successfully moved from “top stream” to capital “abandoned son”.
Leveraging the ” Beijing Circle Big Guy ” to get a high starting point
The trajectory has to be traced back 7 years ago. Shell Finance noticed that Wu Yifan has been “escorted” by capital all the way since he entered the domestic entertainment industry.
Wu Yifan is not of Chinese nationality. In 2014, four members of the well-known EXO group successively terminated their contracts to develop in China, and then the saying of “returning four sons” has spread to this day.
In May of that year, one week before the EXO concert, Wu Yifan suddenly proposed to terminate the contract. Within a month of arriving in China, Wu Yifan quickly started a new career, joining Xu Jinglei’s film “There is a Place Only We Know” as the male lead. The film was written by Wang Shuo, the “soul figure in the Beijing circle”. It was released in early 2015. Wu Yifan’s film debut can be said to have a good starting point.
In 2015, Wu Yifan joined another “Beijing circle boss” Feng Xiaogang’s film “Old Pao Er”, partnered with Feng Xiaogang, Zhang Hanyu, Xu Qing, Li Yifeng, etc. The film was produced and distributed by Huayi Brothers Media Co., Ltd. In the same year, Wu Yifan also released a solo single.
In April 2016, “Xia Youqiao, Yawang Paradise”, produced by Lehua Entertainment and Fujian Hengye Film Co., Ltd., was announced to be released in August of that year, with Wu Yifan and Han Geng as starring actors. In June, Wu Yifan and Liu Yifei starred in “To Youth: So You Are Still Here”, which was announced in July.
After Wu Yifan “returned to China” to this period, his acting career can be said to be smooth sailing.
In June 2016, Wu Yifan was deeply involved in rumors of having a relationship with many women, and the Internet celebrity Xiao Gna exposed intimate photos of Wu Yifan and Wu Yifan, which caused heated discussions on the Internet.
However, it was only regarded as a major entertainment news at the time, and it soon subsided. The heroine Xiao Gna was attacked by the Internet, and Wu Yifan’s public performance and business activities seemed to be unaffected.
The capital chain connected by Sparkle Roll
Was the “transcendence” of peace five years ago accidental?
Looking back on the past public information, Shell Finance noticed that on June 16, 2016, a few days after the previous scandal was exposed, Yaolai Film and Television Culture Media Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Yaolai Film and Television) and Hong Kong Xingrui Culture Media Co., Ltd. Company) reached an entrustment agreement: Wu Yifan’s advertising, film and other performing arts affairs in mainland China will be fully represented and fully responsible for Yaolai Film and Television, and shoulder the responsibility of safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of various performers derived from here.
According to public information, the actual controller of Yaolai Film and Television was Qi Jianhong. Qi Jianhong was once listed on the Hurun Global Rich List. He is the legal representative and chairman of Yaolai Cultural Industry Co., Ltd., and he also controls many enterprises such as Beijing Yaolai Culture Media Co., Ltd. and Beijing Yaolai Investment Co., Ltd.
As the new “gold master” behind Wu Yifan, Qi Jianhong’s capital layout is not only in Yaolai-related companies, but also the second largest shareholder of Yaolai Film and Television’s parent company Wentou Holdings Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Wentou Holdings). shares 16.35%.
Behind Wentou Holdings, it also involves the interests of the major shareholder Beijing Junlian Jiarui Equity Investment Partnership (Limited Partnership). Feng Xiaogang, Zhang Guoli, Li Bingbing, Huang Xiaoming and many other stars are shareholders holding more than 3% of the company’s shares.
In short, Wu Yifan’s monetization ability is inseparable from Yaolai Film and Television, Wentou Holdings, and related shareholders.
After Wu Yifan and Yaolai Film and Television “bundled”, public opinion also turned the tide at this time. On the social network, many voices supported Wu Yifan. In the end, the incident was over, and the scandal did not hinder his thriving career. Since then, Wu Yifan starred in “Xiayouqiaomu, Yawangtian” and “To Youth: So You Are Still Here” ” and so on successfully released. Film and television, variety show invitations continue, also starred in Guo Jingming’s film “Jazz Track”, and served as the male lead in “Journey to the West: Fighting the Demons” directed by Stephen Chow and directed by Tsui Hark.
Soon, Wu Yifan entered the top ten of the Forbes China Celebrity List in 2017, with an annual income of 150 million yuan. After that, in 2019 and 2020, he ranked in the top ten of the Forbes China Celebrity List.
During this period, Jackie Chan, who had a close relationship with Qi Jianhong, also boosted Wu Yifan’s career. As a long-term contract artist of Yaolai Film and Television, a friend of Qi Jianhong, a business partner, and a core figure in the “Hong Kong Circle”, Jackie Chan’s support has increased Wu Yifan’s weight to become a top-notch.
At the Jackie Chan Film and Television Media Institute, which is jointly run by Jackie Chan and Wuhan Institute of Design and Engineering, Wu Yifan, a traffic idol who is not very skilled in acting, has become a guest lecturer of the acting major. Feng Xiaogang, Zhang Guoli, Xu Fan and others have served as visiting professors of the college before.
Before the Meizhu incident in Zhidu, Wu Yifan had starred in no less than 10 movies, 7 of which were starring.
Deeply bound video platforms such as iQiyi and Tencent Video
Wu Yifan’s road to the top is also inseparable from the support of large domestic video platforms.
In June 2017, Wu Yifan joined iQIYI’s self-produced music talent show “Rip-Hop in China”, and the phrase “Do you have freestyle?” became a well-known catchphrase.
Since then, Wu Yifan was signed by iQIYI as the chief member extraordinary experience officer.
In 2019, iQiyi launched “Trend Partner”, with Wu Yifan as the director. Wu Yifan was invited to join iQIYI’s self-made S+ rap music reality shows “China New Rap 2019” and “China New Rap 2020”. As the mentor and star producer of this series of variety shows, Wu Yifan is deeply bound to iQiyi. With the continued popularity of variety shows, Wu Yifan’s popularity has risen to a higher level.
Another head video platform that has contributed significantly is Tencent Video. On February 6, 2021, Tencent Video officially announced seven spokespersons, including Wu Yifan. Previously, Wu Yifan served as a trend promoter in “Where Are the Trendy People” produced by Tencent Video and other products, and starred in “Cold Blood Banquet” exclusively launched by Tencent Video. In the third phase of Tencent Video’s variety show “Creation Camp 2020” in 2020, Wu Yifan was invited to make a special appearance, and one show gathered three of the “Four Returning Sons”.
Earlier, in November 2019, the S+ project “Green Hairpin” produced by three film and television companies, Penguin Films, Xinli TV, and Phoenix Linkage Films, officially announced the cast, with Wu Yifan participating as the leading actor. The play is adapted from the novel “The Record in the Hairpin” by Side Qinghan. The filming started in 2019, and it was completed in July 2020. On April 19 this year, it passed the review and obtained the distribution license. If all goes well, “The Green Hairpin” was originally scheduled to be broadcast on Tencent Video this year, which is also Wu Yifan’s first TV show.
Until July 19, the scandal continued to ferment. Tencent Video officially posted a blog saying that it notified Wu Yifan of the cancellation of the brand spokesperson cooperation and had terminated all brand-level related cooperation with Wu Yifan.
Business value collapsed overnight
Film and television drama remuneration and commercial endorsements are only part of an artist’s income. Wu Yifan has also tried to expand his business territory by opening a company and investing in it.
According to the company’s investigation, Wu Yifan (WU YI FAN) is associated with 4 companies, of which only 1 is in existence, which is Xiamen Yihe Yunqi Culture Media Partnership (Limited Partnership), with a shareholding ratio of 99.99%, and its legal representative is Cousin Wu Lin. The remaining 3 companies have been cancelled, and the cancellation time is concentrated from June to September 2020. Previously, Wu Yifan’s shareholding ratio was 99.0% and above.
At the end of 2018, Wu Yifan and Xiaomi ecological chain enterprises launched the personal brand ACE. , the main body of brand operation is Tianjin Xingyun Culture Development Co., Ltd., and Wu Yifan serves as the brand director, general manager and creative director, directly holding 45% of the shares.
Previously, Wu Yifan had established an endorsement relationship with Xiaomi. In November 2017, Xiaomi founder Lei Jun also attended Wu Yifan’s birthday party and gave him a Xiaomi Note 3 Wu Yifan limited edition mobile phone.
Personal brand ACE, though. The entrepreneurial achievements of the company are not outstanding, and Wu Yifan withdrew from the ranks of shareholders after less than 5 months of operation. The replacements include Tianjin Mi Xiaofu Enterprise Management Partnership (Limited Partnership), Ningbo Meishan Bonded Port Area Fanyintang Equity Investment Management Partnership (Limited Partnership), and Xingrui Culture Media Co., Ltd. Among the latter two, one is owned by Wu Yifan’s cousin. Wu Lin contributed 80% of the capital, and Wu Yifan actually controlled the company.
In 2020, Wu Yifan also established the music label 20XXCLUB. In May of this year, he released his first single “Soaring”.
In addition, Wu Yifan established the 20XX Racing team on May 4, 2021, and announced his participation in the 2021 Porsche Carrera Cup Asia. Regarding the operation of the music label and the team, it has not yet produced outstanding results.
How far can the former ” gold master ” collapse and capital ” abandoned sons ” go?
Since 2018, the capital relationship with Qi Jianhong as the core behind Wu Yifan began to shake. This person who used to be a heavyweight in the literary and art circles has been listed as a dishonest person to be executed by courts in Beijing, Tangshan, Chengdu, Hangzhou and other places due to loan disputes and other issues, and has been restricted from high consumption and his equity has been frozen.
On March 1 this year, Wentou Holdings announced that according to the enforcement ruling of the Beijing Second Intermediate People’s Court, the transfer of 282 million shares of the company’s unrestricted tradable shares held by Yaolai Culture has been completed on March 1, 2021. , the transferee of the shares is Xiamen International Trust Co., Ltd. – Xiamen Trust – Huijin No. 1667 Equity Benefit Right Collective Fund Trust Plan. After the completion of the share transfer, Yaolai Culture’s shareholding ratio was reduced to 1.14%, and Xiamen Trust’s shareholding ratio was 15.21%.
In other words, the relationship between Sparkle Roll Culture and Wentou Holdings and the shareholders behind it has been broken, and Qi Jianhong and his Sparkle Roll are no longer brilliant.
In the past, the power of the “gold master” has collapsed. Apart from the companies and brands he founded, the main support for Wu Yifan is his top-level traffic and the brand capital attracted by the traffic.
After the Dumeizhu incident broke out, allegations of “seduction” and other allegations have risen to the legal field, and then many netizens have exposed evidence about Wu Yifan’s lack of self-cultivation. This time, whether from a moral or legal point of view, Wu Yifan’s “passenger popularity” has been hit hard as never before, and the power of traffic has been reduced accordingly.
Before the Beijing police reported, considering the brand image, the major brands endorsed by Wu Yifan within 48 hours came out one after another to draw a clear line.
Including Louis Vuitton, Porsche, Bulgari, Lancome, L’Oreal Men, Han Shu, Seeyuan, Debao, King of Glory, Tencent Video, Liby, Yunting App, Vantage, Master Kong Ice Tea, BESTORE, etc. Brands, they have chosen Mingzhe to protect themselves. Wu Yifan will not only lose his endorsement income, but may also face huge compensation.
When traffic loses capital, how far can it go?
At a time when the fan culture in the entertainment industry is prevalent, one may have to consider the power of the fan support group. On the occasion of Wu Yifan’s 28th birthday in November 2018, he released his first music album “Antares”. In just five hours after its global launch, it ranked first in the four US iTunes charts, and in the “Top 100 Songs”. Seven of the top ten on the list. This time fans “swipe the list” has attracted many foreign netizens to question, and this incident has also been on the hot search list many times.
As of the morning of July 29, Wu Yifan was ranked 72 in the celebrity super talk, which no longer matches his former top-notch status. However, there are still many fans who support him. Chaohua put it on the top saying, “In a special period, I hope everyone will maintain a calm and tenacious attitude, do not believe in rumors, do not spread rumors, and keep your eyes open to distinguish right from wrong…” and fans said “waiting for you to come back”. But it is impossible to quantify how many fans’ support can bring a person to the top again.

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