Chinese Drama: Time to Fall in Love(Luo Zheng, Lin Xinyi)

Chinese Drama: Time to Fall in Love(Luo Zheng, Lin Xinyi)
Title: Time to Fall in Love

Chinese Title: 终于轮到我恋爱了 / Zhong Yu Lun Dao Wo Lian Ai Le

Broadcast Website: iQIYI

Broadcast Date: June 10, 2022

Genre: Modern, Romance

Language: Mandarin

Episodes: 24

Director: Chu Dejian

Screenwriter: Chu Chu, Li Zhao, Luo Manying

Production Company: Enjoy Pictures

Producer: Zhu Mingzhe, Bian Weimin, Sheng Jie

Origin: China

Source: Adapted from the novel Zong Cai Wu Chong Ti Shen Tian Qi (总裁误宠替身甜妻) by Ming Yue Xi


Due to circumstances, a beauty vlogger pretending to be her older twin and a domineering CEO are forced into a contract romance.

Su Yanxi is threatened by her older twin sister He Jinxi to take her place and become wealthy CEO Gu Xicheng’s contract lover. Gu Xicheng just wants to make his sickly grandma happy by pretending to be in love but he gradually becomes attracted to the optimistic and sunny Su Yanxi. As their feelings for each other heat up while living under the same roof, Xicheng slowly comes out of his cold and irritable shell to reveal a gentle heart. At the same time, Su Yanxi, who has been hiding her identity all this time feels deeply conflicted.

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