Drama Review: My Sassy Princess (Crystal Yuan, Zheng Yecheng)

My Sassy Princess starring Crystal Yuan and Zheng Yecheng
You might have heard about My Sassy Princess starring Crystal Yuan and Zheng Yecheng. I always wanted to see Zheng Yecheng in action after watching Mirror: Twin of Cities, which is actually a good drama. I did watch Crystal Yuan’s latest drama “Remember Me” but I dropped it because it wasn’t that worthy of my time. Today’s review is about My Sassy Princess starring Crystal Yuan and Zheng Yecheng, we are going to look at the first impressions, the good, the bad and conclude the review with the ratings.

First impressions.

We are going to look at the first five episodes of the drama before we go to the full review. The drama had a great start on the first episode with the princess taking no nonsense from anyone, she only does what she wants to do and hates hypocrisy.

To solidify her character, she even slapped her stepmother… Which was shocking and funny at the same time but what would you expect from someone who’s the Emperor’s favorite? In comparison, she’s more like Baoning from Rebirth for you but the difference is that Princess Changle is so daring and straightforward… She’s also unapologetic and doesn’t care about what others say about her. Wait, doesn’t care about people’s opinions about her? Oh, that was until she met Shen Yuan, who is the leader of the imperial guards. Lord Shen is the opposite of Princess Changle, he’s not the person you’d mess with.

The leads’ encounter was a bit different from the usual encounters in other historical dramas, Princess got obsessed and then a badge let to another encounter. At this point I realized that this is a “Female chases male first” type of drama. The storyline of the Princess chasing after an imperial guard while she’s engaged to someone else was good and had laughable moments but then too much of good stuff can be bad.

The whole “chasing after Lord Shen” storyline overshadowed other storylines, they didn’t reveal enough details about the relationships between the three powerhouse households which are the Shens, Lus and Xus. We see lot’s on characters both inside and outside the palace but we don’t know what’s linking them together. They only put 80% of their focus on a Princess who’s chasing after a man, playing tricks to get his attention while he’s on duty.

It’s good to see Crystal Yuan playing that role, which reminds me of Love and Redemption when she got to know Si Feng. Then there’s Crystal Yuan’s piggy 😂😂😂The pig is already getting casted in big dramas, it’s already a star, it only does special appearances… I wonder how much does the pig make from making special appearances.

The Good.

1. Grandpa and Granddaughter relationship.

I can see other relations in this drama but the relationship between Liu Ling and her grandpa is on another level. Everytime they’re on screen, you can feel the chemistry between them.

2. Simple and yet entertaining storyline.

This drama wasn’t confusing, everything was clear. From the princess running away from her engagement party, meeting Shen Yan and going back to her grandpa’s house where everything started connecting. They didn’t add unnecessary conflicts, misunderstandings just to extend the number of episodes. The story just revolves around Liu Ling’s life when you look at it carefully, they did have the rebellion plot but that was just another chapter of Liu Ling’s life which justifies the title “My Sassy Princess”.

3. Romance, Romance and Romance.

Totally loved how Liu Ling chased after Shen Yan, she fought for what she wanted. All Liu Ling wanted was Shen Yan, nothing more nothing less, you should’ve seen her face when they finished their wedding procedures… priceless. Shen Yan on the other side was a bit stiff in the beginning, I thought his character will fail to sell the love between him and Liu Ling but I was wrong.

4. Crown Prince on the spotlight.

I like the fact that we didn’t get to see the emperor and he wasn’t too involved in the court which gave the crown Prince a chance to be noticed. From my opinion, they chose the best person for the crown Prince character, he was killing every moment. Everything about the crown Prince just grabbed my attention, if attention was paid with real money… I’d have gone broke paying attention to him. He definitely deserves the praise and I hope he could be given similar characters in the future, with a good storyline of course.

The Bad.

Nothing bad about the drama but I have a little complaint. Shen Yan and Liu Ling met each other when they were kids, why didn’t they bring this up? Or did I miss something?


My sassy princess is a great drama to watch, it has only 22 episodes with a clear happy ending. It’s definitely in my top 10 2022 chinese dramas at the moment and I don’t think it will be replaced by another drama. If you haven’t watched it, you have no choice but to watch it because you’re missing out on a good drama.



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  1. Thank you for your feedback about my sassy princess I really like this drama it's just sad because they didn't follow the novel about lui ling condition (depression, suicidal thoughts) and the scene where she killed her father and step mother (she burn there palace) because she thought shen yan is dead. There's many scenes that they didn't follow from the novel(Sorry if my grammar is wrong pls correct me. Thank you!)

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