Chinese Drama: The Case Solver 2 (Dong Xuan, Jason Koo)

Chinese Drama: The Case Solver 2 (Dong Xuan, Jason Koo)

Title: The Case Solver 2

Chinese Title: 拆案2: 万象拼图 / Chai An 2: Wan Xiang Pin Tu

Broadcast Website: iQIYI

Broadcast Date: May 2, 2022

Genre: Mystery, Republican, Suspense

Language: Mandarin

Episodes: 24

Director: Yang Dongliang

Production Company: Enxi Film, I-Pictures

Executive Producer: Bao Mengmeng

Producer: Wang Liao

Origin: China


In the Shanghai French Concession during the 1930s, Gu Yuan who has just been promoted to inspector general solves strange cases with the assistance of famous female forensic doctor Che Suwei.

Inspector general Gu Yua and forensic doctor Che Suwei join forces with Kang Yichan, the chairman of Shanghai’s number one chamber of commerce, to solve cases. There’s the enchantment incident surrounding the “Shanghai socialites”, the blood-sucking case that came about during the simultaneous release of a Hollywood vampire movie; a song that can trigger mass depression; revenge behind a campus bullying; a shocking explosion during China’s first marathon and more.

Behind these unsolved cases, there is rampant confusion among the people amidst changing times. In the end, the members of the central patrol house work together to eradicate the hostile forces hidden in the concession to maintain peace in their homeland.

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