Chinese Drama:Love in Flames of War (Chen Duling, Shawn Dou)

Love in Flames of War (Chen Duling, Shawn Dou) 

Title: Love in Flames of War

Chinese Title: 良辰好景知几何 / Liang Chen Hao Jing Zhi Ji He

Broadcast Date: 30 April 2022

Language: Mandarin

Episodes: 40

Director: Chung Shu Kai

Executive Producer: Zhou Weicheng

Producer: Zhou Yiyang

Origin: China


Deeply entrenched in war-laden era is an unlikely romance that blossoms between a young maiden and a young marshal. Lin Hangjing has always considered Xiao Beichen to be a cruel man who wants her even though she has already found her first love. What ensues is a romance full of passion and heartaches.

During the Warlords Era, the young and talented Lin Hangjing had to flee after her father was wrongly imprisoned. She seeks refuge from her father’s good friend General Xiao and lives humbly and without complaints as she relied on their charity.

The Xiao family’s overbearing young master Xiao Beichen who starts out bullying Lin Hangjing excessively has a change of heart when he becomes gradually attracted to her quiet confidence. General Shuai sends his son to military school for training. Seventh Aunt promises to arrange a match between Xiao Beichen and Lin Hangjing after he returns.

Through five years of gruelling training under the strict instruction of the military officers, Xiao Beichen is no longer the manacing boy he once was but a hardened soldier who has experienced the harsh realities of war. Upon his return, Xiao Beichen aids his father in running the army and intends to propose to Lin Hangjing. Alas, he learns that she has fallen in love with a hot-blooded youth named Mu Zizheng. In order to save Lin Hangjing’s father, Lin Hangjing and Xiao Beichen agree to get married even if they have already become alienated from each other due to many misunderstandings. In a time of war when the Japanese seeks to expand its territory by invading China, Lin Hangjing persuades Xiao Beichen to stand up for the people.

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