Drama Review: You are my destiny (Liang Jie, Xing ZhaoLing)

Drama Review: You are my destiny (Liang Jie, Xing ZhaoLing)

I’m starting to feel like modern Chinese dramas are the same. This is probably the last time I do a review on modern dramas until I find a drama that deserves to be reviewed. Today’s review is about a 2020 Chinese drama ‘You are my destiny’ starring Liang Jie and Xing Zhao Ling. When I started this blog in 2021, I originally planned to focus on Chinese dramas that aired from 2021 and forget about the old dramas but some of you kept recommending this drama to me and I couldn’t resist.

First Impressions.

I can’t say a lot about the first episode, it was predictable and had lots of cliché moments. I’m so tired of the way the male leads make an entrance in the drama, can’t they figure out a different way? By the way, this is the first time I’m watching Liang Jie in a modern drama, yes Eternal love featured her in the modern world but that doesn’t count. I watched Cute Programmer so I’m much familiar with Xing Jiao Ling in the modern drama category.

The two have worked together in Eternal love season 1 to 3 and we all know that there’s always great chemistry between them but it’s early to judge in the first episode. Expectations? I did have some expectations before watching this drama but expectations are just expectations. First episodes are the foundation of the storyline and it seemed like the writers laid a good foundation by starting the drama with both leads being in relationships. Xiyi and Anna’s relationship is too weak, they both focused a lot in their careers instead of building each other.

Their relationship is like those online relationships where the both of you do videos calls and stuff but you never met and don’t even think about meeting up, that’s how their relationship is. Jianxin is also in a relationship but it’s also not a relationship since she is the only one putting more effort to make it work while her boyfriend is taking advantage of her since she’s a pushover. I must say, Jiaxian is a girl most guys need, she likes being independent… she doesn’t need anything but love and care from a man. I was surprised to see her paying for all the expenses on the cruise ship, that’s independence but it also increases the chances of jerks taking advantage of her.

The Good.

1. Playlist.

A drama’s playlist must match its main theme and in this drama it’s obviously about two people destined together (you are my destiny). I listened to the playlist, analyzed the lyrics and found them suitable for a drama like this. I must say, the opening theme song is addictive, be warned. Every time I’m about to watch an episode, the song would already be playing in my mind before I press play, 🎶oh can you feel my love…🎶

2. Cast.

If I remember correctly I talked about Liang Jie’s acting skills and how talented she is but I think I spoke too soon. Liang Jie is underrated and doesn’t get the recognition she deserves, she is not just a talented actress but a blessing to the industry. I watched her in the Eternal Love franchise, she was great but after watching You are my destiny, I realized that she is on a higher level.

Her character “Jiaxin” is different from the characters she played in The Eternal Love, it felt like I was watching a different person with Liang Jie’s face. Yes, she was also different in Time flies and you are here but her role as Jiaxin takes the cup. I’m familiar with most of the characters, I watched some of them from Couple of mirrors, Song of youth, court lady and Time flies and you are here.

Speaking of Time flies and you are here, the Dylan character is playing the same role (third wheel) as in Time flies and you are here. I watched Anson from Song of Youth and Court Lady, he’s a natural even though this drama came out first before other dramas. I always feel happy whenever he’s in a drama, he also seems to be having fun whenever he’s casted in such role.

3. Storyline.

This is basically a story of two strangers who’s life changed in just one night, this is more relatable because even statistics show that most people’s lives changed after such experience. Getting married by mistake and running around to get a divorce the next day all in the name of returning a favor. This is like a “Getting back to my ex gone wrong” kind of storyline because all Xiyi wanted was to help Jiaxin take revenge on her ex boyfriend but destiny is destiny.

The Bad.

1. Bad move by the writer.

So in the first and second episodes, Xiyi called Chen Jiaxin by her name multiple times but then why did they make it look like Xiyi didn’t know her name? I mean… they swapped their luggage and even swapped their room key cards which had their names. It’s clear that the writer wanted to create something with the “oh that’s his name” segment but it’s a total failure because Xiyi already knew Jianxin’s name prior to the segment.

2. Why did they change the song?

I talked about the opening theme song being suitable for the opening theme but then they decided to change the song and for what? I’m not saying the new song is bad or something, I’m just saying it feels awkward hearing the song opening up the drama since I’m used to the first song. I thought I was watching a wrong drama when I heard the song.

3. Accent.

I have been trying to avoid this but it kept showing up every time they showed Europe segments. There are white people in the drama, they speak English but why change their accent? The tone of their voices doesn’t show that they’re from outside of China, it’s like they hired Chinese voice actors to dub the original audio. It could’ve been better if they just let the foreigners use their original accent and tone to sell the characters to us.


Modern drama’s ending is always predictable especially a contract marriage drama. I normally don’t enjoy the last episodes of modern dramas because they drag a lot but surprisingly I watched all 36 episodes without fast forwarding a single scene. If you’re looking for a contract marriage drama with a better storyline then I recommend You are my destiny.



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