Chinese Drama: Paternity Appraiser (Wanyan Luorong, Hami Xu Xiaohan)

Chinese Drama: Paternity Appraiser (Wanyan Luorong, Hami Xu Xiaohan)

Title: Paternity Appraiser

Chinese Title: 亲子鉴定师手记 / Qin Zi Jian Ding Shi Shou Ji

Broadcast Website: iQIYI

Broadcast Date: March 25, 2022

Genre: Modern, Romance, Workplace

Language: Mandarin

Episodes: 15

Director: Zhao Junkai

Production Company: Qi Shu You Yu, JY Media, TVZone, Haoyi Yingye, Liuguang Culture, Hualangyixing


The story focuses on the professional perspective of paternity appraisers. In facing countless families who come to conduct a paternity test, Dong Ningshu deciphers the warmth in twisted cases and the tragedies surrounding the truth. These young people find their own direction to make the most humane choices in the cruelest truth.

Dong Ningshu, a paternity tester, met second-generation rich Zhang Xida in an accident. Zhang Xida becomes attracted to Dong Ningshu but she doesn’t reciprocate the same feelings towards this young man. He decides to invest in the Anhe Paternity Test Center where she works and claims to be an internet celebrity writer hoping to accumulate material. As the two work together on many cases. Dong Ningshu gradually comes to accept Zhang Xida as she sees his enthusiasm and warmth. Zhang Xida also discovers the charm of the trade and its importance. As they grow closer, they also discover each other’s secrets.

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